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Treat Jar

Final - Signed

Decorated Treat Jar!

Summer is here, the treats are being made, and jar are being used. So instead of throwing the jars in the trash, reuse them into gift packaging! This was a 15 minute project, and the recipient will (hopefully) keep it forever, or even pass it on! 

This jar is a fairly large jar, a Claussen pickle jar to be exact - love them things. Since the pickles have such a strong flavor, this jar took two times in the dishwasher to get all of the pickle smell out. Not a big deal. 


So the first thing you do after its super wash down, is remove the jar's label. I then I used my good old Scalloped Oval Frame die, I die cut JUST the oval part out of the acrylic sheet,  to create the main piece to this project. I then inked the oval with stream alcohol ink, and embossed it with my Stampin' Up Honey Comb folder. 

     10358718_10204133442082778_8570194765101614879_n   10426624_10204133442522789_5495323417537292153_n

     10468665_10204133442042777_4651835633251217085_n   10420304_10204133555085603_83808484901304604_n

While I let the ink dry completely, I used the scalloped border, and inked it with lettuce alcohol ink. Then I fed my sheer white ribbon through the holes while wrapping it around the jar.

      10389026_10204133557605666_1565112141299681775_n   10358890_10204133555045602_7119371800887057834_n

     10462716_10204133555125604_7254567487998054686_n   10475801_10204133555005601_8704045135776019746_n

Now, while both of these items with the inks are resting (to not push the stickiness of the ink) I played with on of the pretty butterflies. I ended up covering it with sivler sharpie, and silver glitter. Then I placed little silver gems up the center!

   10302249_10204133603366810_8960971030996357658_n   10455317_10204133603326809_546401699815366575_n

   10346611_10204133448202931_4578852020227531917_n   10387558_10204133448242932_5001378772631987718_n

After all of the glitter was cleared from my desk (hahaha...) I then used two of the super adorable banners and inked them with alcohol ink as well. 


Then --- you stick the whole thing together!! This is all how you want! I adhered mine with hot glue, I don't have patience for anything else. Have fun with it! <3

  10402699_10204133440842747_1103377455195300619_n   10418199_10204133440322734_6266467278159798919_n


Thanks for stopping by!!




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Dawn from Dawn's Craft place

Such a fun jar and adorable accents.

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