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Botanical Tea Party Wardrobe

Hello everyone,

Katie here sharing this interesting botanical tea party teapot wardrobe with you today... Using the teapots from the teapot album together with this 12X12 acrylic sheet, I built this see through teapot wardrobe from scratch... To add some dimensions to the wardrobe, I use this Fern Leaf stencil and masked the shapes over using some dimensional paints from Art Anthology...

The idea is to have something I can serve my guest tea a different way, that's why I came out with this interesting idea of hanging these little fashion teabags in this wardrobe where they can "shop" for their favourite piece of "clothing" from the wardrobe to try on... Not only that, this little wardrobe gives me the flexibility to display various tea favours in those handmade fashion teabags from time to time when I've guests coming over for tea... Something exclusive and unique...





I hope you enjoy this cute little wardrobe I've created here...
Happy crafting & have fun!!! Cheers!!!

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Liza Sivek

This is beautiful! I love the idea - we drink a lot of tea in our house! And a great idea for a tea party shower or as a gift!

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