New Basketball Chip Album
Chipboard Baseball Album With Pinky

Some CHA Goodness!

Aren't you just loving all of the CHA goodies that Clear Scraps is releasing?  Hello, Guiseppa here and I want to share a couple of projects with you that are being releases.

Have you seen these awesome Word Frames?  Clear Scraps is putting out ones made out of chipboard as well as acrylic.  I played with the We Love Dad...made out of chipboard.  I wanted it simple and masculine.  I painted it blue and added some patterend paper where the letters are.

We love dad 2014 winter cha1

We love dad 2014 winter cha2

We love dad 2014 winter cha3

We love dad 2014 winter cha4

Fun right?  There are so may things you can do with this.  Try some pictures inside the letters.

Up next...a mini! This is a clear and chip album.

Good times 2014 winter cha1

I simply decorated this album with patterned paper and sticker.  So simple, but that is what is great about being able to work with clear scraps minis.   Make it your own:)

Good times 2014 winter cha2

Good times 2014 winter cha3

Good times 2014 winter cha4

Good times 2014 winter cha5

Good times 2014 winter cha6

Good times 2014 winter cha7

Good times 2014 winter cha8

Good times 2014 winter cha9

Good times 2014 winter cha10

Good times 2014 winter cha11

Good times 2014 winter cha12

Good times 2014 winter cha13

I hope you have enjoyed my projects as well as seeing the rest of the teams.  Keep checking the Clear Scraps Blog everyday to see something new and if you are going to CHA, make sure you stop at the Clear Scraps booth #1276



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