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New Mask Tutorial...XOXO!

I am so excited about the new Masks that Clear Scraps has.  Guiseppa here and I want t to share with you what I did with the XOXO Mask.

Gather your supplies.  I used:

The XOXO Mask

Patterned Paper

Misting Spray (it doesn't matter the brand)

Modeling Paste

A metal spatula

A bowl to mix it in

Love 2014 Winter CHA6


Add the desired amount of modeling paste and mist to your bowl.  The amount is entirely up to you, depending on how much area you want to cover and how light or dark you want it to be.

Love 2014 Winter CHA7


Mix it all together so that there isn't anymore white from the modeling paste.


Love 2014 Winter CHA8


Scoop up some on your spatula.

Love 2014 Winter CHA9


Spread over the area of the mask that you want on your patterned paper.  Make sure you get the paste in all the areas of the mask.  Don't worry about the coverage being even.  It gives it a dimensional look.  Peel it off carefully and let it dry before you finish up your project.

Love 2014 Winter CHA10


Look!  How awesome is this?  I love the look.

Love 2014 Winter CHA11

Here is what my final project looked like.

Love 2014 Winter CHA1

Love 2014 Winter CHA2

Love 2014 Winter CHA3

Love 2014 Winter CHA4

Love 2014 Winter CHA5

Go ahead and give this a try.  I found my modeling paste at Michael's, but I am sure any big box crafting store will have it.  Thanks for stopping by and have fun crafting with Clear Scraps.



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