An Acrylic Pop n' Cut card tutorial~

Create a Snowy Effect on Your Clear Scraps Acrylic

I've been wanting to create a snowy effect on some of my Clear Scraps Acrylic and I thought that this time of year was perfect.  Guiseppa here and  I am going to show how to do just that!


This is what you will need:

Clear Ultra Thick Embossing Powder

White Embossing Powder

Glossy Accents

Perfect Pearls

Diamond Dust

Embossing Glitter

Rubber Glove



First off you will need to combine all of the dry ingredients into a bowl.   I would use this formula and it depends on how much snow you need for your project.  

1 part White Embossing Enamel

1 part Embossing Glitter

2 parts Clear Embossing Enamel

1 part Diamond Dust

1 small scoop Perfect Pearls (I used white) 

Mix it all up.


Next you will want to add your Glossy Accents until you have the desired consistency.  Mix everything up using a popsicle stick.  Mine ended up the consistency of cookie dough.  You want to make sure that all of the ingredients are sticking together really well.  I used quite a bit of Glossy Accents.  Make sure you use it right away because the Glossy Accents is a glue and it will dry up.  Also make sure to wear gloves while applying the snow mixture to get it from sticking to your hands.



Pick it up with your fingers and just apply where desired.


You can make this dimensional by adding several layers.  Don't worry, it will stick very well to your project once it dries.




I used the Clear Scraps XL Scallops Shape and the Holiday Word Expression.





This was so much fun to do!  Give it a try and see how fun it looks.  Make sure you checkout the Clear Scraps Store to get all of your acrylic needs for your projects. Thanks for stopping by!




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Wow, I'm so happy you gave us the tutorial on how to make this fabulous plaque! It is beautiful!

Sandy Grant

Just a though… I love Diamond dust because it is sooo pretty, but I found out the hard way that if you're not careful with it it CAN cut you. So if you're making something that people will use and handle a lot, you might want to use something other than diamond dust. HTH

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