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An Acrylic Pop n' Cut card tutorial~

Hi , Connie here with an acrylic pop n' cut card.  Yes sir!!!  It cuts beautifully. Let's get started. I used my scissors and cut the 12 x 12 acrylic sheet right down the middle.

1. Put the acrylic piece on the die and run it through the Big Shot machine.

2. Fold your card just like you would a paper card.

3. Then cut the cover of the card~like the photo shows above.

4. The backside will be the pattern that will face inside the card.  I cut another piece and cut about 2" off both ends and inserted it in the middle. The darker color makes the acrylic pop more.

6. I used 3-in-1 (Beacon) to glue it to the S.E.I. (Chalet) paper.

7. I used Zip Dry ( Beacon) to adhere the trim to acrylic card.  I pulled my scraps out and picked a trim that would match~so, not sure of a brand.

8. I pulled out the sticker sheet from the S.E.I. ( Chalet) collection and started decorating the card.  That is always the fun part.

So here is the front of the card.  You know with a pop n' cut card it is always what is inside that counts the most:):)

Here is the inside!!!  I love how it came together.

I used pop dots on some of the embellishments to raise them up!! 

Bio pic
Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed this project!




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Julie Tucker-Wolek

This is just amazing Connie!! I loveeeeeeeeeeeeee it!!!!


This is so gorgeous!! I hoard my acrylic sheets from Clear Scraps and only use them for albums! I think this is such an exceptional use of one, and how beautifully you made it look.

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