Spooky Halloween Door Hanger
Acrylic Circles

All framed up~ Fall home decor project!

Hi everyone,  I have a really cute home decor project using one of the Clear Scraps XL frames and some S.E.I. paper products.  Here is the picture of what we are going to make~


So let's get started~

Any of the XL frames will work for this.


*The first thing is to trace around the acrylic frame and cut it out of the pattern paper, in my case I used the S.E.I. (Challet) paper pack.


*Once you have your shape, I used a Darkroom Door background stamp and added s script image to mine. I was going after a vintage look.   The photo is a 5"x7" and I cut it down a little, so it would hang a liitle bit over the center part (opening ) of the frame.  By doing it this way, I can change out photo's if I so choose to.


*I made a mat to accomplish what I just discribed to you in the above instructions.  Next ink around the edges of the paper. I used ink by Ranger.


*It is starting to take shape.  I adhered the paper to the acrylic frame with Zip Dry by Beacon. Works so good!


* I took two of the acrylic leaves from Clear Scraps and used green and beige alchol ink on them for color.


*After everything was dry, I started placing the elments down on the frame.  I used a real twig, S.E.I. stickers and die cuts, to build the branch the bird is sitting on.  I tucked the two acrylic leaves in the cluster also.


*The frame is pinned to a vintage bingo card~love the eclectic look it gives and the presentation of the acrylic frame.


Thanks for stopping by today!!!!

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Thanks for sharing...this is gorgeous!

Julie Tucker-Wolek

This is gorgeous! LOVING the colors and the leaves!!!!!

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