Clear, Chip and some Washi...going back to school.

Star Clips, for your special Star~

Hope the first month of School is going well and you have found a place for all of those papers sent home:):) I have a cute Star clip that can help out with that. 


Another easy project and so cute!!!  Take the Small Star acrylic shapes and adhere paper to the back.  I used Zip Dry by Beacon.  Ink around the edges of the paper with your favorite ink, for shading.


I then glued a magnet and cloths pin to the back, using 3-in-1 Craft Glue by Beacon.  You can use the clips for papers, art work or great for the fridge.  That is where most kid art lands:):)


Here is a close up of the clips.  You can make them using any of the acrylic shapes in the store.

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connie, this is a great project, very cute

Julie Tucker-Wolek

These are amazing Connie!! You just always inspire me!!!!!!!

What a great idea! These look wonderful and useful at the same time!!! I love the little postage stamps! :) Evie

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