A Clear Scraps Mini Deco Album tutorial!
Star Clips, for your special Star~


Hi everyone Monica here again to share a Clear Card from Clear Scraps.  This is the 1st time I have seen one and I am completely sold.  Absolutely love them.  I love anything that offers illusion and these are perfect.

IMG_0068I used Simple Stories patterned paper.  Love the fun camera prints

IMG_0070When you first open you package what you get is a back piece and 2 side flaps that you adhere to the back panel with clear circular adhesive - super neat btw or have I said that already - think I did... they look like this


IMG_0071This shows the first side open and I put a huge cloud that carries over onto the other side

IMG_0073Here is an aerial view of what it looks like and you can see how the cloud carries over and it almost serves as a closure piece
IMG_0072Here I have the front view and I amd showing it with the side open so you can the cool look of the acrylic.  These are a must have I PROMISE! 

Thanks for stopping by everyone and I hope you enjoyed my post today!

Hey almost forgot and you get this neat envelope to put it in..

don't forget to leave some love....


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Hey I am the first to comment!! Maybe it brings good luck!! These clear cards are awesome and so unusual. I would LOVE to win one to try them out!!

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