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Last But Not Least.......

Three More Amazing Designers for 2013/2014!

This week we have been introducing our new and returning Design Team - today help us welcome a brand new face and two returning designers....
Meet the incredibly talented Guiseppa Gubler...
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Not only do I have a love for paper crafting, but I am addicted to Zumba.  I recently became an instructor.  I love dance.  My mother put me into dance when I was 3 years old and I danced up until I married my husband,   So, it only seemed fitting that I used my dance training to do Zumba!  I get to dance and stay in shape doing it.

I have been married to my number one supporter Sam for nearly 16 years now and we have 3 children; Braden  age 16, Janica 14, and our little Angel Sterling passed away eight years ago from "The Bubble Boy Disease."  Never hasscrapbooking meant so much to me as when he passed away.  I have all of those wonderful memories of him preserved through scrapbooking.  When I am not scrapbooking, I enjoy spending time with my family.  You can often find us in the mountains camping, hiking, fishing and exploring on our 4 wheeler.  I also enjoy reading and traveling.
I hope to inspire you with my projects and make crafting and scrapbooking important part of your life.  I know it has changed mine.


Please check out Guiseppa's blog here:


And now for a familiar and VERY inspiring face-

Adora Concepion returns for another amazing year, her talent always leaves us in awe.


Hi, My name is Juliet Adora Concepcion. What does scrapbooking means to me? It is a neat way to preserve memories of meaningful and daily life's moment. I love the creative part of it. I've been doing it for more that ten years now and I love it more and more everyday :). While i enjoy the fun of putting together a project, I also take it seriously. I put my mind and my heart in everything I create. I consider my work as eclectic and a little bit on the "simple" side. I also love photography which comes hand in hand with scrapbooking. Most importantly I have 3 kids and a grandson. I've been married for 30 years and counting, to the love of life my husband, Chris. Besides being a mom, a wife and a scrapbooker, I'm also a bookkeeper during daytime. Yes, Life is good. It's not the big pleasures that bring the most happiness, it's making a great deal out of the little ones. We all get our share of troubles and sadness. But we also get a shot of life's tiny delight--and the best part is they are everywhere and all around us.

This is Adora's blog- pop over and say hello-

Please help us welcome veteran designer and coordinator...Pinky

her laid back style always brings new fun and funky creations.


Hi I am Cristal but everyone calls me Pinky.

I am just a country mom living by Nashville, TN with my 3 boys, 15 chickens, 2 dogs and 1 cockatiel. I love creating and haven't found anything I won't try. 

I am a no rule sort of gal who loves off the wall crazy designs with a no hold barred attitude towards my projects. From trying a new technique to making it sassy- that's where you will find me and to me everything that is handmade it 100% art!

It's amazing and beautiful because it comes from one place- the heart. 

I am excited to be back again for another fantastic term with Clear Scraps!


You can find her blog over here, aren't you curious to see what she has created today?


We are thrilled for you to meet our 2013/2014 designers- stay tuned for more!


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