Sunshine and Summer...
Camera Acrylic Album mini

Sunshine Summer Card

Good morning once again!  Kay here with a bright & sunny 'Summer' card made with Clear Scraps Send It Clear Fancy Card.  I've created the glittery background with the use of the 6" Swirl Mascil.

With the start of Summer here in the Northern East Coast just this past Friday, I was inspired to go with something on the sunny side with bright yellows & orange with just a hint of black.


In addition to the bright colors I wanted shimmer & shine!  So I decided to use the 6" Swirl mascil to enhance my background.  I spread a bit of clear dry adhesive along my mascil & while wet sprinkled yellow glitter onto it.  I then tapped off the excess glitter & voila!  Instant glimmery designer background!

For the border of the acrylic card base I adhered two sided sticky tape.  Then I carefully spread small black glass beads onto it.  With my finger I pressed the beads onto the sticky tape.  The beads will stick nicely to the two sided tape & create a defined border along the base of the card.


The edges of the card flaps were highlighted with a bright yellow Sharpie Oil Based Paint Pen & dots of yellow acrylic paint.

Here's what my card looks like when open.  I hope some of you find this inspirational & decide to experiment with Send It Clear cards for your next unique personal gift to someone special!  

Thanks for stopping by & enjoy the rest of the week!

Kay Fatula - Clear Scraps Design Team


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Gorgeous card!

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