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Finger paint acrylic table decor

A while back I did a post for Clear Scraps using a ceramic decal to add a floral design to a frame. I felt a little guilty that everyone thought I had painted the flowers, so I decided to play with actually painting some flowers on the acrylic to create some table decor projects.  This is a really simple procedure that anyone can do!!  It's finger painting for adults!

For this you will need Clear Scraps Coaster shapes, 4 colors of acrylic paint - 2 complimentary colors for your flowers, and 2 shades of green for your leaves.  (for this example I used White, Country Rose, Village Green and Leprechan from Ceramcoat).  You will also need coordinating paper for backing and Viva Decor Pearl Pen - Cream.

Begin by creating the flower forms with the lightest color for your flowers.  (white in my example)  For the lower corner I did two full 5-petal flowers and 5 "buds".  For the upper corner, 1 full flower and 5 buds.  These were done by simply dipping my pinkie in paint and making little fingerprints on the acrylic.  The lighter you go with this color, the more your secondary color will show through on the next step.  We are working on what will be the back of the design, so we are building the colors backwards - highlights first.
Allow the first layer of paint to dry, then, with your secondary flower color (and your pinkie) dab paint onto the full flowers to fill the centers and create shadowed petals.  For the buds, place a finger print at the base of the white buds.
With your lightest green, create very light "leaves" around the flowers.  Again, these are the highlights of the leaves, so you want to keep this paint very light and airy.  (these are still finger prints - the only tool I used here was my little finger)

With the darker green, fill in behind the lighter green - still keeping it light.

Once the paint is dry, flip the coaster over and add dots of Pearl Pen to create flower centers and a few sprigs of pearly flowers.  Finish by gluing the coaster (using Beacon Zip-dry) to coordinating paper.  
These can be used for Table Numbers...

Or place cards.....or just about anything.... This one was done using a darker pallet.  
Acrylic paint is cheep!  You can find the color to match any decor or wedding theme.  Each coaster takes about 1 drop of paint - you can do thousands! 
Hint:  If you use a Sharpie or permanent marker for the names or numbers, you can remove that later with a little rubbing alcohol and reuse these over and over!
Thanks for visiting!
Happy Crafting!


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Janice Leiding

Great tutorial. Your technique looks easy and fun. And the end result is lovely. I can't wait to play with this. Thanks!

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