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Zentangled Dream - Clear Scraps Wall Decor

I love how easy it is to decorate Clear Scraps Acrylic with something so simple as a Sharpie marker! A while back I used a fine-line Sharpie to create details on a project and wanted to do a little more of that with this project.

After removing the protective plastic from the Clear Scraps Large Expressions Clear Word Title - Dream, I used a black Sharpie to create various patterns on each of the letters. One simple "Zentangle" design, is to create a grid of dots. Then connect the dots with petal-like loops to create a lacy, mesh effect.

Another technique is to create a grid pattern of dots and then connect the dots with an "S" to create a hounds tooth pattern. Keep all your "S"s going in the same direction - in this case mine are all actually backwards - but from one dot to the next my line curves to the right and then back in from the left.

I also used simple lines, squiggly lines and circles to create patterns on the letters.

Once the black design work was done, I flipped the acrylic over and colored in parts of the design with Copic markers on the back.  To make the color pop and give the piece a pearlescent frost, I sponged Pearl acrylic paint over the copic marker (again on the backside)

To finish, I added some flowers from my stash.  I think the soft pink and purple from the Copic marker and the whimsical flowers make this perfect decor for a girls room!

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Janice Leiding

I love to Zentangle doodle. So clever to use that on CS. Thanks KC for more great ideas.

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