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As the school year comes to an end and summer sports begin, I have a project for all the teachers, coaches and team moms out there.  I have the privilege of coaching Jr High and High School Cheerleading, as well as a High School Dance team.  I love giving the girls something to the remember the year by, but this can get pretty expensive when I need 25 or 30 of them!!  And to make them something, I need something that can go together pretty quickly.  Clear Scraps to the rescue!!!

For this frame I used a page from the Clear Scraps Scalloped Square Album.  These albums come with 5 pages each, so each album will create 5 gifts!
Other than the pictures and printed title, the only other supplies I used were:  Clear Scraps Mascil/Stencil - 6" Quarterfoil, Acrylic Paint - pearl, Make-up sponge, Viva Decor Glitter Pen, Viva Decor Pearl Pen, Beacon Zip-dry Adhesive and ribbon.

I created a frosted background by sponging a very light layer of pearl paint in diagonal sections of the frame.
Once that layer of paint had dried, I laid the Mascil down an sponged a slightly thicker layer over the light layer.
This creates a soft, neutral white-on-white textured background.
Once the paint was dry I used Zip-Dry to add the pictures and embellished with dots of Glitter Pen around the edges of the acrylic and Pearl Pen along the edges of the pictures.  Now, to be honest, this is a prototype, and I'm not sure the my hand could hold out to do 25 of these with the glitter dots.   I may just do a few dots on each loop of the scallop or maybe edge them with a blue sharpie.  There are so many options when you're working with acrylic!!
Please visit my blog for more clear scraps techniques and inspirations!  And come back to the CS blog next week for a special Blog Hop!!  


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Wonderful project KC!

Janice Leiding

Great idea KC. I bet the girls love to get this memento. How nice of you to create such a personal gift. And for all that coaching.

Jennifer H.

adorable project KC!

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