Spring Vacation Layout
Clearly Framed by Leah

Spring fashions...

Hey bloggers, Rita Barakat here and I don't know about you
but I am so ready for spring! I know it's already "spring"
but I mean warm spring like weather!
No more coats and rain(boo), I want to wear fun and flirty fashions!
Well, if I cant wear them(yet), I can create them!
I used Clear Scraps  Dress Forms Embellishments and created these sweet little dresses for them.
The Blue Dress: The top is a thin layer of gesso directly on the acrylic,
wait for it to be completely dry then color (I used Gelatos & Pitt Pens).
I used paper for the skirt and lace ribbon underneath.
The Yellow Dress: Is all paper glued onto the acrylic- the sash
is ribbon (I drew the lace ruffles on the bodice).
The Purple Dress: The entire "dress" is gesso directly on the acrylic
- this time the layer was a lot thicker- it takes longer to dry but the 
texture was worth it.After it is completely dry you can then color 
(I used Gelatos and Pitt Pens).
*The white edges around the dress forms is gesso applied with a paintbrush.
So if your weather is not permitting you to wear fun and flirty fashions like me,
 perhaps you can make your own like I did!
Happy Creating!


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Elena Olinevich

How cool is this, absolutely stunning, thank you for this idea

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