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Bring on Spring!! Clear Scraps Decor

I love to see a little snow, but I love even more to see it go away!  This winter has been a bit colder and snowier than the past few, so Spring seems that much sweeter!  So, to celebrate, I've created a little acrylic wall decor.
The base of this piece is a Clear Scraps XL Shapes - Deco.  Most of the embellishments were left over from the Clear Scraps Creating Made Easy Kit from March.  The background was done with acrylic inks, using the same technique as one of the featured projects in the kit.  
To add a little border, I used a white paint pen and drew little "S"s around the edge.  I like the white on the acrylic so much I kept going with some dots and edges around some of the embellishments.  One of the really great things about working on acrylic is the forgiving nature.  I put my finger in a section of the "s"s and smudged them before they were dry.  I simply wiped them away with a clean cloth and re-applied.  You can't do that with paper!!
Enjoy doodling on Clear Scraps!!  
Happy Spring!!


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beautiful colors KC!!

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