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  Hello! Elena here with you this wonderful Saturday! and today I want to share with yoy new Release Acrylic Recipe Stand 4x6 Kit and  Acrylic Mini Word Album Recipe. I have combined them and decided to make a a recipe book for my friend who emigrated more than 10 years ago. She loves cooking and enjoyed using mix of different cousines. But I thought that she might miss our national cousine so I've collected some of them for her in this mini book. Moreover I decided to make it mixed media style, as my signature.


  However don't be scraed by something difficult as I applied some decoupage techniques and wanted to share them with you. I am not very skilled in decoupage, but several years ago I used to make some things with it. As a fact I have many serviettes left from that time. Now I am trying to use them in my scrapbooking projects too: on chipboard. Layout backgrounds and embellishments,and this time on acrylic.

  So let's start

You will need: an acrylic, your serviette , PVA glue mix with water 2:1, flat brush and some transparent piece, I used a packaging.


  Cut the motif from your serviette the same size as the acrylic piece and remove 2 white layers from it



Dab slightly the packaging with water using your brush


apply your serviette face down and cover it  very carefylly , moving from the center, with the mix of PVA glue and water, your mix should be preferrably watery.

Don't be afraid of folds, but try to remove them with your flat brush


place this serviette on your acrylic, start pressing and smooth down the folds and the excess of the glue. Use the paper insted of craft mat, as it will absorb the excess of water and glue


Your next step is to remove the plastic carefully, avoiding tearing  and lifting of the serviette. If it happens, just smooth it again with your brush and glue

Let it dry completely and after that you can cut off the excess of serviette, and sand the edges if desired



  The next tip is to make stamping and applying gesso, mists or acrilic paint on the back side  as it will protect your serviette from tearing and scratching.

And here you can see the result: regarding to transparency of acrylic you can see additional background on your serviette and it it will add osme visual texture to your serviette. By the way, some mediums can help you to hide the folds or some roughness.

 So here is  the completed project:



 or as a single page:


  I primed the chipboard pages with Gesso, then applied acrylic paint and played with my stamps, stencils and mists. as a final step I added some lace and pattermed paper left overs.






also it is very easy to look through the 2 pages at the same time, so for some pages I used such way of placing the recipe


 I left some acrylic pages empty, as my friend can put her own recepies on them , just using the stikers. nad it's very simple to remove them while she wants to substitute on a new one recipe




you can see stamping and how gesso higlights the serviette motif. also I added some drips of alcohol inks on acrylic side


  a great opportunity ton use the stamps and mediums from your stash, isn't it?




on the picture above you can see how the folds took the gesso and it looks a little bit shabby






  Thanks for watching me today. I hope I have unspired you to think over your Christamas gifts and now you can impress your relatives or friends with your brave experiments too.

  Elena Olinevich -  Clear Scraps Design Team.



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Love this project


Beautiful project and what a fun technique!


This is amazing!!!! Beautiful!! Breathtaking!!


so much fun to look at! awesome techniques and a beautiful book!!!

Rita Barakat

Love all the mixed media you used - gorgeous album!

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