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Pinspiration Album by Jessica Griffin

I am WAY excited for this little album! It was very fun to decorate. When I received it, I knew exactly what I wanted to do, so I got to work! Everyone loves Pinterest, and everyone seems to be inspired by it. One problem I have is, I sit down to the computer to go through Pinterest, and I end up sitting at the computer longer than I had wanted. So I thought I would put my favorite 'pins' in an album. The album is the perfect size, doesn't take up a ton of space, and the best part is, I have my favorite pins right at my fingertips! 


Pinspiration AlbumCover

I started by covering the word "LOVE" and the base with washi tape. I did that because I wanted to paint the base. I used some Yes Paste and mixed it with some Mica Powders from Lindy's Stamp Gang.  I smeared the Yes Paste on with a rewards card that you get from the grocery store, or pet store, just something plastic, that would give me a nice thin coverage. I set the base aside to dry for 24 hours and went to work on the word cut out. After it was wrapped, I took some Delphinium Turquoise spray from Lindy's Stamp Gang and dripped it onto the word. I started at the top, and dropped some along the edges of each letter. I didn't want to make a mess, but, I did want some areas to be darker. Dripping the color on allowed me more control. 

Pinspiration Album4Base

Once the cover and the base were done, I went to work on the tabs. I have these really awesome stamps from KI Memories Verbology stamps. They are no longer available in store, but, I've managed to find some on Ebay. Anyways, I have several sets of those stamps, and they were perfect for the tabs, so I picked five different categories, categories that I was most likely to use, and stamped them onto each tab using StazOn. My tabs are stamped with: Color, Design, Sew, Give and Party.
Pinspiration Album2
Pinspiration Album3Sew
Printing the images was a little tedious. But, I was committed! I actually did it using my cell phone. I took a screen shot (with most cell phones you can take a screen shot by holding the home and power button at the same time). Then I loaded the photos into Diptic. From the app, I emailed the photos to myself, then opened them up in Photoshop (but you can easily use Word). I arranged enough onto one page that it was covered. So, there were approximately 30 ideas on each printed page. Since I arranged my photos into Diptic, that was a lot less cutting since Diptic allows you to arrange photos in sets of four.
I used Yes Paste to adhere the photos to each chipboard piece. Once that was dry, I covered the photos with Yes Paste. I didn't want to use Mod Podge because it is sticky when it's dry, and I didn't want the pages sticking together, or sticking to the acrylic tab. And the PPA (perfect paper adhesive) caused my colors to bleed- it didn't work well with my printer ink. 
This is a really fun and easy project, although time consuming! It's theraputic. :) Hope you've enjoyed my Pinspiration Album! You can find me on Pinterest at: You can see all the pins I have in my album, on my boards! :) And don't forget to Pin my album! 


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What an awesome idea!! the color is gorgeous!!


Beautiful album Jessica!

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