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Clear Scraps - Send it Clear Butterfly Card by KC

Hi, Clear Scraps friends!  It's KC.  I am loving this weather and ready for fall!  Along with all the back to school activities, September brings a fascinating phenomenon around our house.  Every year we go out in search of Monarch caterpillars and watch the miracle of their metamorphosis.  So right now, I guess I have butterflies on the brain, because almost everything I worked on this weekend had butterflies and monarch colors.  I had wanted to make one of the Clear Scraps Send it Clear cards, so I grabbed the butterfly card and got to work.
I began by embossing a border pattern across the butterfly sections of the card.  I used a border from Cuttlebug and my Sizzix Big Shot.

I pealed back the protective plastic from the back of the card to expose the butterfly sections.  Then I used Art Glitter Designer Dries Clear Adhesive and a fine tip to fill the recessed embossed design with adhesive.

Then I sprinkled fine black glitter over the adhesive.  

Once the adhesive was dry, I brushed off the excess glitter.  Note that I kept the plastic on the front of the card and most of the back of the card to protect it.  I masked off the area near the butterfly.

Using Lumier metallic acrylic paint, I sponged a mix of gold, copper and bronze onto the back of the butterfly.
I used gold rose design stickers from Mark Richardson.  This large section was used on the large piece of Clear Scraps that would become the main section of the inside of the card.  These stickers stick REALLY  well to acrylic.  If you are placing a large piece like this, start at the corner and get your corner lined up.  Then work up one edge and get it positioned along the edge of the acrylic.  Then work your way up the second side and get that lined up.  Once your edges are in place, carefully lay the rest of the design in place.  It takes a little patience.
I added a birthday sentiment by sponging the Lumier paint on the back of a Clearly Accent Embellishment and then stamping the front with Black Stazon Ink.

I finished the card with green printed card stock the I stamped with a leaf stamp.  Then I added a few more gold stickers to the inside and outside of the card.
I hope you'll try a Send it Clear card.  They are a lot of fun!  
Please visit my blog for more Clear Scraps project, and probably a few more butterflies.  


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Love this! Huge butterfly fan...


Wow KC this is really pretty! Great card!

J Leiding

Very pretty. The embossed butterfly is lovely. I love making the Send It Clearly cards.


gorgeous card!!!

Beverly Jordan

KC, you made a beautiful card and I really enjoyed the tutorial of using this mixed media on the Clear Scraps acrylic! Thank you!

Rita Barakat

Very cool effects!

custom stickers

this is really cool ma lovely card great creativity like it thanks for sharing it....


What a fabulous card! Luvin' that tip...will have to try that!


Absolutely gorgeous!!! Love the addition of the gold stickers!

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