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Back to School Wreath

Here in the northeast the kids have just started back to school. I thought it would be fun to make a welcome sign with a back-to-school theme.


Supplies Used:


The first thing to do is to cut your pencils down. I had my husband trim them down with a saw to 6 inches. You'll also need to sharpen the points. 


Next paint your wreath, cover with pattern paper and begin gluing the pencils down around the wreath.


While the glue is drying, its time to work on the welcome sign. Using scrap paper as masks, mask off each letter one by one and stamp with permanent ink on the front of the acrylic. 


When you're done stamping the front, flip the welcome sign over and paint the back with acrylic paint. To keep the paint from scratching off, I added a layer of glaze to the back. 


Using a Sharpie marker, outline the letters.

Finally all that is left to do is to tie the sign onto the wreath. You might have noticed that I punched holes in the pattern paper to line up with the holes in the wreath. I threaded fishing line through these holes and around the acrylic. 

Add a bow and hang it on your door to celebrate the new school year! 

Wendy Price


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Now this is just a fun time!


That is so perfect. LOVE IT!


Hi Wendy!!! :) just love seeing your work again :) and this one is awesome!!!

KC Eddy

That is SO cute!!! Very clever!!

Tonya Dirk

Love your wreath Wendy!


This is so very cool! What a great idea to use pencils as the base for the wreath...awesome project!

Rita Barakat

What a fun project!

Stampendous Graphics

Adorable! What a terrific idea for a Teacher gift! Thanks so much for sharing this great project!

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