Clear Beach Layout
Geometrical Acrylic layout

She-art on acrylic

Most of you have seen some version of Christi Tomlinson's She-Art canvas workshops - if you haven' her name and She-Art for an inspiration-induced coma that you won't want to come out of :)    I plan to do some canvases like this too soon but for my very first one, I decided to start simple, using the She-Art Die Cut Bits & Pieces and as my base, instead of a canvas.....a 12x12 sheet of Clear Scraps acrylic

Aside from the fact that I love using acrylic as a base for projects, there were 2 other main reasons I did this. 

1.)  With acrylic, I find it easier to layer paints that I'm still learning to work with.  If you watch Christi Tomlinson's youtube videos you'll see what I mean - she's a mad-woman painting and I'm sitting there watching with my mouth open wishing I had her talent.  Somehow my projects don't quite look like that.  On acrylic, I can layer underneath AND on top of the acrylic.  In fact, for this project, I used watercolour on the underside of my layout and acrylic paint (put on with bubble wrap) on top of it.  Watercolour isn't necessarily recommended for acrylic because it will scratch off but I sealed my underside in with a piece of patterned ledger paper from Prima.  Smart, eh?

and  2.) With acrlic....I can SEW on it.  I love the look of stitched layouts and this She-Art line lends itself perfectly to a little extra sewing.  On a canvas you're pretty much relegated to doodling and rub-on stitches instead of the real thing.  But on my acrylic layout, even with 2 sides painted and patterned paper below and on top, I could stitch through it with no trouble at all. I stitched the whole border of the layout, the sun's rays, the stems on the flowers and a little across her dress. 





Here's the finished project:


"She knew she was loved"

Thanks for stopping in!  If you're a canvas-artist.....take a break and try acrylic as your base sometime.

Cathy Schellenberg



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i am so addicted to this she art line- how fun to do it on acrylic and use the paint on the back side-your brilliant!!! lol


This is fantastic!

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