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Create a Floating Scene

Using Acrylic to avoid painting accidents

When I had the idea for this simple rainbow layout - with my kids at the bottom of the rainbow as my "treasure,"  I wanted to use paint to make a nice big top-to-bottom layout.  The trouble that I saw coming was that I was very likely going to screw up on the simple painting job (because that's my style) and wreck the one piece of paper I'd found that made a great sky background. 

My solution? 

I painted the rainbow onto a 12x12 acrylic sheet from Clear Scraps

The best part? 

If I didn't like the line I got with my paint, it washed right off while it was still wet!  Then, when I had the rainbow that I wanted, I put the blue paper I'd wanted behind the acrylic sheet with the rainbow painted on it and stuck them together with glue dots (hidden) and some 7 Gypsies Gaffer tape as a border.   One more tip:  I painted the rainbow stripes non-consecutively...1st, 3rd, 5th, etc....and then when those stripes were dry, I was able to go back and paint the stripes in between without having the paint colours run together.



Thanks for coming to check us out :)

Have fun creating - and painting on acrylic!



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What a great tip about painting the rainbow-such a fun and creative idea

Leah Crowe

Such a gorgeous layout, Cathy!!!
Love the acrylic tip, and especially love that rainbow!

rolex air king

fun, the scenery is very beautiful´╝üWhat a great tip about painting the rainbow-such a fun and creative idea

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