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Orange you Sweet - Using Copics on Acrylic

Another sweet "punny" layout from me - Orange you Sweet :) 

These stamps from Purple Onion were so much fun to use and they practically made the layout by themselves.  Isn't my darling daughter truly sweet??  Ok, enough bragging.  The one thing I needed on this layout that I couldn't find in all my stash was a giant letter M - monogram for my daughter's name (Mica).  None of the stickers or rub-ons letters I had seemed big enough or strong enough to make the statement I wanted made here.  So, I cut my own from a 12x12 sheet of Clear Scraps acrylic.  And, since I needed it to match the layout, I used my orange Copic marker to make it happen.  It's still clear - not solid like it would be if I'd painted it - but it's a perfect match to the paper and the stamped images that I also coloured with the same Orange Copic. 


Tip: You can cut the 12x12 sheets of Clear Scraps acrylic with a good pair of scissors.  I also use my paper cutter sometimes - the kind with the sliding replacable blade.....the blade isn't too deep so it scores the acrylic just the right amount that I can snap it apart like a piece of drywall :)  Clear Scraps acrylic can also be run through a variety of die cutting machines - the ones that have blades deeper than the depth of the acrylic sheet.  Try it - you'll never look back.  You can buy acrylic sheets for playing here:


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I really love this!

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