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Making Wings...

 Hey there bloggers Rita Barakat here!
As you can tell I love MiXeD MeDia!
Today I want to focus on a fun technique you might use on one of your projects!
If you click on the photo and make it bigger
take a close look at my sleeping fairy wings!
See how they pop out on the page?
Here is how I did it... 
First I drew the basics of my page.
 Then I took an acrylic sheet, placed it over my image and copied
the wings with a permanent marker. The sheet has a protective film on top
so I was able to draw on the film not leaving any marks on the
the actual wings. This sheet is fairly thin and pliable so I was able to
cut it out with a scissors, then remove the top side of the film.
( I always leave the bottom film on while I am working on my surface.)
 I used Scrap Happy Glue (I have not tried this with other glues -
so you will have to experiment.)
 on the edges and let it dry completely.
This is important, otherwise you will have a big mess on your hands!
(And it will peel off! Boo!) 
 After the glue is completely dry you can add a very fine glitter 
- rubbing in the glitter with your finger.
 This is what it will look like.  From here I peeled off the film
on the back and used alcohol inks,
but you could leave it this way or use rub ons.
Here is the finished result!
To secure her wings I cut a slit in the paper above her,
tucked in the wings and glued it in with a scrap paper
sandwhiching (is that a word?lol)  the the wings for extra support.
This would be a fun technique for angel, ladybugs, dragonflies,
you could even stamp on the acrylic and do this same technique-
but that's another post! :)
Watercolor paper, Texture Paste,
Scrap Happy Glue, You're so fine glitter
Design Memory Craft Gelatos, Gesso, Lil Inkerz, PITT Artist Pens


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Lillian Child

This is just SO VERY lovely!


I love how you did this! amazing! :)

Michelle H.

Very beautiful, creative and adorable!!

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