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Too big for a card?

I know that Clear Scraps has a lot of cool products out there but one of my favourites, from the moment it was first introduced, until now...is still the Clear & Chip line.  These great shapes are cut from both a sheet of chipboard and a really thin sheet of acrylic makign it easy to mix & match the two for a mini-album, or pick & choose which you want on your layout or card.  The one problem is that a lot of these shapes are quite large (Amy's Fashion purses, Holiday Treat's gingerbread houses and Caroline's Cafe's coffee cups, for instance).  But that doesn't have to stop you from using those shapes on cards as well as minis and layouts.  

For this card, I intentionally cut my card slightly small so that the coffee cup would look larger and then I used that size-difference to reinforce my sentiment. 

I started by painting an acrylic coffee cup - on the back of the cup so that the finished front of the cup is a really glossy looking cup.  I finished the cup up by adding on an actual Starbucks coffee cup sleeve.  (Did I mention, this set has 6 acrylic and 6 chipboard cups all in the same set - if you were making coffee invitations or something this would be the perfect way to do a full set of cards like this).

Starbucks card (1)


When my main acrylic embellishment was finished, I put it onto a card front - matching coloured cardstock, a nice white ribbon and a sentiment that supports my LARGE coffee cup.

Starbucks card (2)

Anyone else craving a Caramel Macchiato right now?




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Leah Crowe

You have me craving a chocolate chip frap! yum!! I love this card.. fabulous, Cathy!!

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