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Pink Paislee Love...

Hi all!  It's Cathy here today. 

This has been a fun week of mixing Clear Scraps and Pink Paislee.  I hope you've enjoyed all of our posts and that you've been over to the Pink Paislee Blog to see all of their creations as well!

I get to do the last project post for this week so I made you card :)

I'm also going to let you in on one of my secrets for working with acrylic. 

I used this Regular Send-It-Clear card.  The first thing I did was round my corners - like cutting through butter with something like the Corner Chomper!  I put the stickers on the card to assemble it and  then   Pink Paislee paper on the inside of the back.  I'm mixing paper from London Market and embellishments from Prairie Hill here.  I stamped my Praying for You sentiment (from the new Clear Stamps from Clear Scraps) and added my grass and flower embellishment (did you know that kite tails make great flower stems/leaves??) to the front panels. 


I really liked how it looked just like this but I realized, if I was ever to give this card away to someone, I'd want to write something inside and then it would look ridiculous with the writing on the inside showing through behind the stamped sentiment and flowers. 



So, (and here's my trick to acrylic cards), I took another sheet of the same Pink Paislee paper and cut out pieces that fit the front panels of the card from the same piece of paper I cut the back piece out of.


They aren't exactly the same images but that's OK.  I just made sure the 2 front pieces matched up by cutting one piece down the middle and adhereing them (to the back of the fronts of the cards) flush with the middle edges.  


Now you still have the illusion that the card is clear and you're seeing through to the inside, but really there's another layer of the beautiful Pink Paislee paper that's hiding what you'll be writing on the inside and what you write won't be in the way of your card front embellishment and stamped sentiments.



Thanks for stopping by all week to see our projects! 


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Very Nice!

Julie  Shearer

Great idea!!

Rebecca W

Great idea for adding a more hidden sentiment to a clear card.

beatrice lawson

Loved this blog hop, I have seen so many great projects! Now I just need to find a store in Canada that sells Clear Scraps.


You can always buy at Clearscraps.com Beatrice....check them out :)

Miriam Prantner

Great card! This had been a really fun week!

Bonnie Cooper

Love this idea and I love clear cards, embellishments and etc. So happy to have found you:)


Very fun card!! And great idea !


Love this card!


Such a creative way to make a card, and show all the details sweetie.
Great job everyone, have really enjoyed all the projects!


beautiful card !!!

Beth W

This is delightful!I have so loved this week-thank you for such great inspiration.


After reading about how you made your card, I think I finally understand what your cards are like. I've never worked with acrylic so have been kind of dense about it since discovering your blog.

Eileen Evans

great idea

Lisa L.

This is so cool! Love the illusion!

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