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Girls Bib Dress Album with Leah

Paperless: a black & white album

No patterned paper was harmed in the making of this album :)


I love this Chipboard Camera album from Clear Scraps.  It has hundreds of potential themes for a mini-album but when I did this one up just before CHA, I had just had a little photo-shoot done with my kiddos so it was perfect for showcasing some of my favourites.  I wanted to put both B&W and also colour photos in here so I thought keeping the backgrounds with less colour might be the way to go.



I laid all the album pages out on my floor (on a drop sheet) and spray-painted them all with black spray paint;  flipped them over and did the other sides.  Then, after adding my photos, I spent several hours doodling on every page with my white Uniball Signo pens.  I love how it turned out. 


I even journaled a little in the white pen!
















Thanks for stopping by!



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Wow!! without patterned paper and it looks fabulous!!! I LOVE it!!! :)


That is great!

Rebecca W

Awesome! Great idea of using the paint instead of paper.

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