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More bang for your buck!

Hi blog readers! Tonya here today to share with you a little tip about how to use your acrylic shapes twice...getting more for your money.  For this particular project I used one of the word shapes...Expressions small Hope.

As most of you know if you have worked with Clear Scraps acrylic before, all of our acrylic comes with a film on both sides to protect it from scratches until you are ready to use it. For this particular technique you want to make sure that you leave the film ON. We're going to use it for a mask for misting! 



For this techniqueI just layed my acrylic word across three tags that were sitting on top of a piece of scratch paper. Misted over the top with green mist. Removed my word and rinsed it off in some water so that it was ready to use again at some other time. To accent the word just a bit more I took a paper piercer and poked little holes around the outline of the letters.


Hope this gave all of you an idea on how to extend the use of your acrylic! Thanks for stopping by today.

Tonya-Clear Scraps Design Team


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Such a fun idea Tonya! I like the added piercing around the letters-so creative!

Melissa 'Ziggy' Cook

oh more use out of it. Great idea.

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