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CK-Convention Class with Susan Frase!!!

Greetings everyone!!! 

Does the thought of acrylics scrapbooking scares you? How many acrylic
projects have you seen and leave you in awe and almost breathless :). Then the
questions we have in mind,  how is it done; what tools are needed; 
and what techniques works best? Of course the web sites with written and
video tutorial are available for us and very helpful but personally nothing is the same with the actual, hands on class. Earlier this month,  CK Convention was in my neighborhood in Bellevue  Washington and I had the privilege to be in the Clear Scraps Mixable Lacy 8X8 Love Grows Album by Susan Frase.  I will share with you the fun experience  I had in her class in my very (soft voice) humble opinion. LOL! The project was a gorgeous album, everything you need to work on this album was ready for you,  plus with the very clear and easy to follow  Instructions you are all set. Susan Frase really knows her acrylics.  The album was well thought off and beautifully designed. I would categorize this class for me as advance, but really it does not matter if you are just a beginner, Susan will walk you through it page by page with ease. And just in case you can't finish your project, the kit comes with a colored step by step instructions.   Oh and to add more fun, there are giveaways throughout the class.  How cool is that! You will not only walk away with a gorgeous album  but also have your questions you may have answered about acrylics scrapbooking, I have been with the design team for a few months now and for sure I walk away with more knowledge about acrylics. So, next time you're at a Ck Convention, I highly reccommend this class! Amazing project and teacher!!! :)








This is Adora, until next time........



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I have taken a class with Susan, what a pleasure and the projects are spectacular.
Love clearscrap

Leah Crowe

What lovely shots of the class, Adora! I would love to sit in on one of her classes, the album looks amazing.

Kathy Wittlock

I took this class at CK Nashville- Loved it- loved Susan - I learned so much about using these products. Hope that we will have a chance again.

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