Sanded acrylic
Heat embossing on acrylic

What would your stocking say about you?


Hey guys Rita Barakat here.
 For CHA in Chicago all of the design team members for Clear Scraps
had to design an acrylic Christmas Stocking for the booth that best represents you.
Here is everyones at CHA
Well...I like vintage and traditional colors.
What does that say about me ..that I'm old? LOL! Just kidding!
 I think it makes me reliable, solid. I can appreciate and see beauty in older things.
I also incorporated flowers and bling - I think everything use a little bling.
I love color.
The center frame is also acrylic embossed and colored with red and gold Alcohol Inks.
Red - vibrant, bold, confident.
I also love the vintage Santa and little boy
reminding me of childhood and innocence! I love that.
I want my children to stay innocent as long as possible.
I also want them to enjoy Christmas traditions.
What would your stocking say about you?


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Dawnll from Dawn's Craft Place

I remember seeing all them strung on the fireplace while at CHA- loved seeing all the different styles.
I love many of your favorites also-I must be old

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