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Christmas in July!

Memories to treasure layout

It's me again, Grace. Today I want to share with you a layout I made using some Clear Scraps acrylic mini ornaments.

Memories to Treasure
Memories to treasure (1)
love this picture of the kids hamming up at the camera. I can never get a great photo of the kids without having some funny treasures in the mix as well. So to make this layout fun and yet evoke my love for both my children, I decided to play with some acrylic heart mini ornaments and I also added a mini deco shape to house my journaling. Oh and the "memories" part of my title is also from Clear Scraps. Lots of fun things all around in this layout.

Memories to treasure (4) 

I've been obsesses with dry embossing my acrylics lately. If you haven't tried this super easy technique before, here's my step by step process on how I made my hearts....


First, I picked up five different embossing folders. There's so many out there now that the possibilities are endless. Make sure you take out the clear film from your acrylic before running them through your embossing machine. I know that's kind of a given when you play with acrylic but believe me, even now, sometimes I forget. LOL

So your hearts should look like these.


Then you paint the shapes. This will make the design more defined. I used pink and blue colors which were inspired by the colors of my kid's clothes in the photos.

To add more dimension and shine, I added glitter glue on the edges of the shapes

the mini ornaments alread had one hole on the top but I wanted to tie them all together, so I punched another hole.

Then I threaded some colorful ribbons through the holes, double knotting each one.


then I added foam dots. Make sure you pay attention with the placement of your adhesive behind the acrylic.Sometimes, even you've painted them, the adhesive will still show on the back. Just be aware of that before you place your adhesive.

I say to be aware of it, because I made that mistake here. I told you sometimes, even I forget my "acrylic rules". LOL. So cover up the adhesive on one of the hearts, I added flowers to it.

So there you have it. Oh BTW, with the deco shape and the "memories" word, I painted them green (on the back for some shine to show through) and used the same glitter glue on the edges.

Have a great day.

Till next time,



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Such a fun layout! Like that your children are having fun and those are the pictures we want to remember.
blessings to you, Dawn ll


Great layout. Love what you did with the hearts.

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