Fun in the sun!
~Fun New GIVEAWAY (Brag Bag) & Winner~

It's 80 degrees, sunny, and time for.... Christmas?

Yep, I said Christmas! It's that time of year when I am yearning for a little cooler weather (I know, I know, it wasn't THAT long ago that it was cool outside.) So I thought since we are halfway through the year, and I am wishing for some cool air... that I would bring on the Christmas project. :)


The acrylic Stocking album was so much fun to work with! I love that I can emboss, ink, and use molding paste as an accent, and it holds every little thing that I attach to it!


I "filled" my stocking to the brim with all things snowy and beautiful, added pearls and beads, and accented with my pearl pen. The color scheme... while maybe not Christmas-y, definitely was a cool enough winter palette, loaded with lots of alcohol inks to really make the acrylic shine!


It's going to look marvelous hanging up this year, don't you think?

Now... I only have to wait for 6 more months... sigh.

(Plenty of time to make a bunch more.)

xx Heidi


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Oh wow! This is amazing!!!


This is magnificant!!!

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