I spy the Clear Scraps SASSY album!
My second word album

A Celebration of Life!

Butterflies represent life, and the cycle of life, or so I am told... so I thought that this Clear Scraps Butterfly Album would be perfect to make a mini about my last pregnancy!

For the cover, I dripped alcohol ink randomly on the side, cut out my paper titlework and glued it down. Then, I used molding paste to texturize the right side of the butterfly. I glued down a piece of Pink Paislee paper onto its backside, and finished the front off with some more embellies and touch more molding paste to draw it all together.


For this second page:


I let mostly the elements from the front do all the design work for me, as you can see the backside of the Pink Paislee paper, and again the alcohol ink and molding paste! However, I did add a couple paint strokes of gesso, my picture and then a few rub-ons from Hambly.

To create this page, I once again added a torn piece of paper from Pink Paislee, brushed on some gesso, added those cute penants from PP as well, splashed on some Shimmerz paint and framed the right side of my photo with another transparency.

 This page is all about using alcohol inks and a Viva Pearl Pen! I dripped the alcohol ink on top of where the backside of my paper was showing through, and then I glued down a butterfly wing transparency. I then randomly dripped and doodled with the Viva Pearl Pen for added dimension.

Now THIS page was a fun one to create! I laid down a mask, and smeared molding paste all over it and only on the right side of the butterfly. I then dripped alcohol ink inside and out of the lines, adding pink stickles into the random petal parts of the mask. After adding my photo and some more transparency, this page was done!

And the final page, or the backside of the album...

I once again let most of the albums pages beforehand do the design work! I simply added some paper on the left wing, rubbed on some rub-ons and molding paste and attached my photo... the one whose life I was celebrating!

It was messy, it was arty, and it was FUN! Acrylic can breathe so much life into a work of art, I hope you give it a try soon!

xx Heidi


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Larissa Heskett

LOVE the theme of this mini!! So precious!! THANKS for sharing it is so special!! =)


Pretty album!

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