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An Easter basket tutorial

Happy Easter, everyone!

Today I'm going to share with you one of my very favourite things to do with Clear Scraps acrylic....and that is:  make boxes and baskets out of it.  I've done many over the past few years and everytime, someone is astonished at how flexible and easy-to-manipulate extruded acrylic is.  I hope this video will get you excited about some of the things you can make "off the page."






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That was wonderful...


What a great project and video Cathy!


Fantastic project! Thanks for the great tutorial!!


Oh, I love this project and video tutorial!!! awesome!

Beth W

Amazing-I really had no idea you could things like this.Thanks for such a great tutorial!

Tami Bayer

Love those scissors, Cathy! Great project :)


Thanks everyone :)
Tami...I thought you'd like 'em - they're my fav!!


Great video! Now I need to get some acrylic sheets. Thanks for sharing!

Belle Styler

The tutorial was simple and easy to follow. I just wish I had seen this before Easter. Oh well, I still have next year. Thanks for the video!

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