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December 10, 2010


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Sandra v.d. S.

What a lovely banner!! My favorite Christmas tradition is setting up the nativity set. I'm still in doubt which one it will be this year: Little People or Plamobil... Or maybe it's time for another one :P!!!

Kelly Massman

Sweet! My favorite tradition is to eat Sheperd's Pie at Christmas-time to keep it simple and more to the meaning of real Christmas!

Dana Tatar

I love the banner! My favorite Christmas tradition is baking and decorating sugar cookies for Santa.

Lesley F

Oh I so would love to win this. I have never made a banner and I love Love Love this banner!! Our favorite holiday tradition is making a thermos of hot chocolate and driving in the car looking at lights and ornaments. We also sing Christmas carols if you want to call it singing :0)


I would really love to win this one :D fab for decorating my crafting room! :D

Our favourtie holliday tradition is of course the christmas tree and the family dinner on christmas eve.

Happy hollidays


What a sweet banner set!

I think my favorite tradition has always been decorating the tree. There's just something about it....


What a fun banner. We love to turn on Christmas music and get out all our Christmas goodies and decorate. We love when we look at some of the handmade ornaments and how it brings back the memories. Thanks for a chance.

Lauren Shiflett

Fun banner! Great for the holiday! My fave tradition...thats not easy! I love the christmas eve present - always special pajamas. this year is dr.seuss, and my daughter is the perfect cindy lou who! =)


What a lovely banner!! My favorite Christmas tradition is make my chirstmas cookies and make my wearth that is real

Stacy Tucker

love the banner!

my fav tradition is stockings for everyone, or atlest every couple, no mater how old they are. my 97 year old grandma still gets one even! and now I am bringing that tradition into my new home! also loads of homemade cookies for Christmas... not a single store bought cookie or pie in sight!


congrats Lindy! My favorite tradition is making gingerbread houses with the grandkids.


Thanks Conniemelancon!!!! What a surprise. My favorite tradition is making cookies with my daughter for Santa. Hugs~Lindy


Love the banner! So cool!!! I see lots of possibilities!


Our tradition is gingerbread houses!


I love the adorable garland. Our favorite tradition is to drive to Peacock Lane a street here in Portland, OR or walk, depending on the weather and look at the beautifully decorated houses.

Mandie Wade

Congrats to the mini winner :) One of my favorite holiday traditions is to bake Gingerbread cookies from my Grandma's recipe (it's even in her handwriting) and share memories of her with my girls.


That's great, especially since I am currently so obsessed with banners!

Jennifer Hansen

Krusty Klaus visits on Xmas Eve bringing gag gifts for all!

Debbie Painter

My favorite tradition is decorating the tree & my home! I love to make it inviting for my family!!!

Erin Glee

I love this clear Holiday banner!
One of my favirite traditions is decorating the tree with the kids. They love to put on mini Jelly-Belly candy canes and eat some as they decoarte... I'm a traditional peppermint candy girl, myself!


Cute banner! My favorite holiday tradition is giving my daughter new pj's on Christmas Eve.

Tammy Borst

Great Giveaway. I love the banner. This would be my first holiday decoration as we lost all of ours and had to sell some also. My favorite holiday tradition is with my husband's mother. We would first go out and cut our own tree. That way we got to choose the best one. Then we would go to Clausen's in Middleton, WI and get our goodies for when we got home. I always got a nice fruit cake. I love fruit cake and theirs is the bestest I have ever had yet--even beats my grandma's. Then we went home and had hot chocolate and our goodies. "Mom" is getting too old to be able to go out and cut a tree, so that is one tradition I won't be able to do any more. I don't have any children of my own, so I can't introduce anyone else to that wonderful tradition either.


Congrats to the winner. I am *in love* with this banner. It would look perfect in my living room. Our Christmas traditions are going to the candlelight service at church, then all going to my parents house late in the evening, around 10pm, and opening gifts and just enjoying family time.

Katie Pendergast

Fabulous banner! My favorite holiday tradition growing up was always making cutout sugar cookies and decorating them with different color icing and sprinkles. Now I do it every year with my kids!

Lynda aka alrlsmom

Fantastic banner...I remember always getting fudge from my Nanny..this year I made the same recipe with my girls...it was a wonderful new tradition to start to keep us connected to those that are not with us during the holidays.

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