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Happy New Year GIVEAWAY~

Making acrylic layouts easy!

Pinky here with Clear Scraps today, good morning! When I tell someone I design with Clear Scraps typically the first thing I hear is "Oh I am afraid of acrylic, I don't even know where to start"

I am here today to make it easy for you and this is the first step. A very simply but effective acrylic layout using the 12X12 Clear Scraps acrylic sheet. I guarantee once you try it you will want to learn more! I made this layout in an easy to follow design so you can see how easy working with acrylic can be. I will be making more advanced layouts and projects as time goes on.


Here is the supplies needed:

12X12 Clear Scraps acrylic sheet, 12X8 sheet of scrapbook paper, 2.5" lace (optional) XL photo 8X10 is a great size, 4.5"X 9-10" shaped paper, 4.5" die cut piece (give or take an inch), twine (optional) staples (optional)

Step1. Remove film on acrylic.

Step 2. Distress and ink 8X12 piece of patterned paper then adhere 8X12 sheet of paper to front of acrylic.

Step 3. Using vintage lace or even lace card stock adhere  lace to back of acrylic layout so the edges will show through to the front of the page.

Step 4. Adhere shaped paper in right upper corner, leaving a few extra inches on bottom and overlapping on the top edges. *refer to layout photo above*

Step 5. Adhere XL photo to middle of the page.

Step 6. Add die cut and embellishments with foam pop dots.  TheMomentLO3

Now wasn't that easy?? And the layout is fabulous and has that extra touch with the lace behind the acrylic!

Step 7. Add journaling or your own personal touches and you are done!


I really hope you decide to try acrylic, it really is amazing and beautiful too. You can find so many ideas on my blog and more tutorials, instructional videos, and family fun right here http://www.blueyecicle.blogspot.com/

Happy New Year everyone!!!!! 

Pinky- Clear Scraps Design Team/Blog Editor in Chief


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I just love how this captures the moment. Pinky is so creative, talent, and inspiring.

Denise Coulter

Absolutely gorgeous Pinky!

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