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Acrylic Video Tutorial *scrapbook.com*

Good morning! 

At Clear Scraps you know we love acrylic but often we hear "I am afraid of acrylic". We want to help take the fear out of acrylic for you.  In order to help you understand how to use acrylic and incorporate it into your projects we will be sharing video tutorials we find and some special video tutorials from the amazing Clear Scraps Design Team!

We know you will love acrylic just as much as we do.


Our first video tutorial is from scrapbook.com and it is a wonderful technique we often use "Embossing" check out the video, let us know what you would like to see in future videos


Leave us a comment, you might inspire the next video.



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I would love to see some door hangers ideas.

Pam Spradlin

Thank you for the video. I was terrified to work with acrylic for a long time but since I have found this blog I find that I want to use it on all my projects. I can't wait to ink some acrylic now.


Great teaching video! Thank you!

Laura McCollough

Wow, so funny to see ME on my Google Reader this morning! lol...

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