Fabulous Friday WINNER & NEW GIVEAWAY!!!!!
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A thrifty acrylic Christmas gift

Christmas wall hanging layout

I am really loving the idea of homemade gifts this Christmas.  Maybe I'm just trying to avoid the mall in December...alright, I'll admit it - I hate the shopping crowds...but whatever the case, I think something like this will be more meaningful and much more appreciated than any box of chocolates could ever be.  And really, the cost of a gift like this is really, really low.  A shaped sheet of acrylic,  less than a whole sheet of patterned paper, some scraps of ribbon (no need to buy a big roll - just use up scraps and place bits and pieces here and there) , one small swirly bling embellishment cut apart and used in several places, a couple of flowers, a piece of vintage lace, and some stickles smeared with my finger around the edge for a border.  Even the snowflakes that look expensive and shiny silver, are plain chipboard snowflakes dressed up with a little silver ink from StazOn.   Oh, I also hung an acrylic Christmas ornament off one side that I ran through my Cuttlebug and inked, but you could just as easily use any other charm or stamped image or recycled Christmas card image to hang something on that side of the layout.



Cathy Schellenberg





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Cathy, That is really nice! Love it!


It's aweshum!!!!!! I loves it!

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