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~Looking beyond the basic shape and having fun with it

Someone asked me the other day what my scrap "style" was and I got to thinking....
My style make you think outside your scrap rules and box, and make my scrapbooking approachable for anyone to try.
Acrylic does not have to be difficult, it does not have to be tedious, it can be fun, easy and work with any style including yours!

My girlfriend saw this shape and instantly thought of a flower, but I was thinking...clouds, beaches and fun! So I decided to take my underwater pictures from Hawaii and scrap them using the
Clear Scraps XL Shaped Acrylic, some beach themed paper, and go to town!
Not only easy, but FUN and perfect to kick off my summer layouts.
Make the acrylic work for you! No rules, just scrappy fun!

I hope you share your Clear Scraps Acrylic projects with us, we love to see what you create too.

Clear Scraps Design Team Member


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deb famularo

This is adorable, and so clever Pinky! You have your own uniQue style girl, I just LOVE it! xOxO


PINKY! This is adorable. I love how you only used paper down the center. So cute! And yes, just go for it - that's what I tell people about acrylic too - there really are no rules, are there :)

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