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The new 2010 Clear Scraps Design Team

Please help us give a big warm welcome to
the 2010 Clear Scraps Design Team!!

Returning from last year:

Cathy Schellenberg - photo  Elisa Kammerdiener - photo


Cathy Schellenberg                         Elisa Kammerdiener

Irene Tan - photo

Hilde Janbroers - photo


Irene Tan                                                 Hilde Janbroers  


Tonya Dirk - photo

 Amy Solovay - photo

Tonya Dirk                                                    Amy Solovay

Laura McCollough - photo


Laura McCollough (Clear Scraps Educator)

and new to the team:

Rita Barakat 

Rita Barakat

Cristal Pinky Hobbs

Cristal (Pinky) Hobbs

Grace Tolman
Grace Tolman

In addition, because we had so many amazing applications, we decided to have a few Guest Designers as well.  Over the course of the next year, you'll be seeing these talented ladies here on the blog as well:

Jana Oliveira   

Kathy Northup  

Bree Tetz   

Tracy Taylor  

Virginia Wong    

Marci Knecht 


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How exciting!! Hey Rita I know you! :) Congrats everyone!


Woohoo, Congratulations ladies...What an AWESOME team!!


Congrats Ladies! Great team. Shouts to my girl Pinky ;)

Sandie McCarthy-Roberts

Congrats to the team!!! There are some awesome girls here. Cathy! Whoohoo! Bree!!! Whoo hoo!!! Can't wait to continue seeing the awesomeness from you guys. And who knows.. the next call, I might actually drum up the nerve to try out. :)



Kelly Rose

Congratulations to you all!


Congrats ladies! I look forward to seeing your work!


CONGRATS to all of you!!! Looking forward to a GDT spot!


Wow Congrats to all

Pamela Young

Woo Hoo! Congratulations to all, with a special shout out to Grace and Tracey! :)


Congratss pinky!!


It's great to be on the team


congrats ladies! Pinky..woohoo!

Dawn Gallop

Congrats!!!! An awesome team!! Can't wait to see all the Awesomeness!! :o)

Elisa K

Woot woot.... Congrats!!! Looking forward to another amazing year...

Rita B

Congrats ladies!Can't wait to get started!


Congrats ladies.


Congrats to everyone! This is sooo exciting!

Leah the Orange

GOOOOOOOOOO Pinky and Bree! congrats to all of you, but especially to my lovelies! :)


Congrats!! Special WOHOO to Tracey!! :)


Congrats ladies! Can't wait to see your designs~

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