Glimpses of Spring
One more day...

Acrylic flower Brag Bag

Here's your bloghostes for today; Hilde! I am going to show you a new mini album I did using the amazing Brag Bags. Don't you just love these? I think they are my faves at the moment.

I had some photos which weren't really useful on a layout, so I decided to create a mini album with them. We as a DT had a wonderful sponsor. My Minds Eye sponsored the DT with these amazing papers. They were wonderful for this mini album where I used photos of Amy during her first swimming lesson.

Thank you so much My Minds Eye!!

Clearscraps 002 
Clearscraps 003 
Clearscraps 004 
Clearscraps 005 
Clearscraps 006 
Clearscraps 007
Hilde Janbroers


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Great album Hilde....good idea too for pictures that are not necessarily good for a LO.


This is beautiful :)

Rita B

Super cute job!


Too cute! Love Hilde's work!


Love it!!!!!

flower Philippine

Oh' what a cool Acrylic flower Brag Bag was that. I like it. Wish I can also make something like that. Anyway, thanks for sharing this post. Keep it up!


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