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Gift Wrappin' With Clear Scraps




Clear Scraps half round tags make great gift tags! They also make lovely card embellishments too. I decided to combine my gift tag and card together to top off a present I am giving to a friend.

This tag is super easy to make.

I outlined around the outside of the tag with Zig painty pen. (You can skip this step to make it even quicker and easier.)

Then I squirted several different colors of Tim Holtz Adirondack alcohol ink onto the tag.

When it was dry, I flipped it over to the other side and stuck on Thickers letter stickers that spell out the recipient's name. The package didn't have any capital letters in it, but I used a number 3 upside down because I wanted to capitalize the first letter of her name.

If your gift recipient has a longer name, don't worry - you can use the longer tag in the set, along with smaller stickers, to make the name fit. I've done bunches of these tags for different people with names of varying length.

For the finishing touch, I tied a bit of Korker ribbon in the tag hole and attached it to my card. You could also skip making a card and attach this directly to a gift if you prefer.


Posted by: Amy Solovay


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Nice! Perfect finish to a present!

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