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Embossing on Clear-n-Chip Album

A fun and simple embossing technique...

So for my technique today I call it embossing without the heat...

Items you will need:
Clear Scraps shaped embellishments
Ranger Alcohol inks
Ranger dimensional pearls or liquid pearls

Once you have all your supplies you want to take the coating off of ONE side of your Clear Scraps shape embellishment.

Take your alcohol ink and apply it to your felted tool and start dabbing your acrylic and let dry


Once it's dry apply again and let dry and apply again. You are looking for the crackle glass look


Once you have that effect let it dry till it's no longer tacky...

Then flip your piece of acrylic over and take off the protective coating. ( I had you leave it on so you didn't get any ink on the other side.) Open up your dimensional pearls OR your liquid pearls which ever you have will work and put a nice amount onto a scrap piece of paper.


Once you have the amount you want using your finger or paint brush and spread it out a bit.


Once you have done that take your stamp and press it lightly into the dimensional pearls several times at different angles picking up as much as you can without being gobbed on.

Then gently lay it down on top of your acrylic and press down firmly several times. (be sure to not let your stamp move.)


When you lift up your stamp the piece of acrylic will be stuck to your stamp. Do not pull it off just yet. Lay your stamp down on your table with the acrylic still attached to your stamp and press down on your acrylic a couple of times. Making sure you get as much as the dimensional pearls onto your acrylic.


Then holding down onto the stamp gently lift your piece of acrylic straight up off of your stamp.

Your piece of acrylic will now look like this


put it aside and let it dry for about 10-15 min and get your card or layout ready for your "embossed acrylic"


Once dry your stamped image will look as if it was embossed on your piece of acrylic


Here is the card I made with my "embossed" Clear Scraps Acrylic

Just Because 1

I hope you will try this technique to emboss your Clear Scraps acrylic. I would love to know what you thought of it and see your examples of your projects. It's really simple and gets you using some of those fun supplies you have.

Clear Scraps Designer
Elisa Kammerdiener


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