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Clearly not like the others

I tend to be one of those designers that doesn't necessarily follow every trend or more accurately, I want to take a trend and make it uniquely my own. When I seek a product, I want to know... how can I change this and manipulate it somehow so that it doesn't look like anyone else's. It really is a goal of mine to make MY scrapbook project look distinctly MINE. So when I found Clear Scraps acrylic products, I could feel the wheels in my head turning. I honestly just HAD to get my hands on this stuff and see what I could do with it. I have to confess, I wasn't sure what the differences were from other acrylics that are out there but I looked forward to digging in. Now that I have, I can skip around the room and shout from the rooftops.... THIS STUFF ROCKS!! It is Clearly unique (okay.... pun intended)

I am posting a couple of the projects that I created using Clear Scraps products and I hope it will inspire you to play with your clear scraps as well.

You are my world 

When I saw the XL dots, I had this idea that I would like to have a piece of wall art to display a photo of my three children. I started to think about how the circle could represent a globe or the world. AHA.... did you see the lightbulb just go off (it really is astounding when that happens...heheeh) so... I got this idea to freehand some countries (yes, that is supposed to look like USA and Europe... my apologies to the United Nations for butchering the images of these great nations) and add a circle of cardstock around the edge. I looped wire for added dimension and visual interest and topped it all off wtih a photo of my sweet babies and some ribbon to hang it with. I loved how it brightens up my scraproom.

You are my world detail   

The next project I created combined ink, stamping and embossing. What I loved about the scalloped circle frames was how easy they are to alter.

Wild Flowers s 

Here are the steps to create the embossed/stamped scalloped circle frame flower

1. Start with the inner circle, stamp the circle image off center. Add embossing powder in silver. Heat the embossing powder until it is set. The acrylic curls a little but if you place something heavy on top of it while it's 'warm' it will flatten. I liked the warped look for my project. I added some magic mesh to the back and inked the edges.

2. The scalloped outer frame was stamped with a 'mesh' stamp pattern with pink stazon ink. I added silver pearl ex to the top of the ink while it was 'wet' and then heated it. The ink bled a little causing a blending effect.

3. I added these to a cardstock stem and the result is detailed flower perfect for my 'Wild Flower' page.

Wild Flowers dtl 1 s 

Wild Flowers dtl 2 

I've enjoyed working with Clear Scraps and I can't wait to share the next project I'm working on with you.

Sherry Steveson

DT Member for Clear Scraps


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love the projects!

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