Just how Versatile is Clear Scraps?

Clear Scraps Design Team 2008!

Cathy Schellenberg- DT Coordinator
Laura McCollough
Julie Howard
Sally Lynn MacDonald
Tina Albertson
Tracy A. Weinzapfel Burgos
Maria Burke
Amy Solovay
Elisa Kammerdiener
Tonya Dirk
Kathy Northup
Hilde Janbroers
Irene Tan
Sherry Steveson

We want to welcome everyone who has been chosen for our Design Team!!  Congratulations Girls!  We have an amazing, talented group of scrappers!  Everyone has a great keen to techniques and unbelievable ideas!  We are so pleased with what was submitted, it was hard to choose from, so we picked 14!!  We have an outstanding group, did I say that already??  We are very excited.  Please take a moment and visit each of their websites, and don't forget to congratulate them!  Jackie & Janet.


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Irene Tan

Thanks for the opportunity! I can't wait to get started with all the yummy clear stuffs!


Looks like a fabulous group! Can't wait to get to know all of you!!

kathy northup

damn skippy.........i'm gonna have the time of my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hold on to your socks, girlies.........here we go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Amy Solovay

Thanks so much for the opportunity! I am really excited!!!!

Lauri Greene

Congrats to the new Design Team - your work is all so inspiring!! Love the new blog too!

Maria Burke

so, so excited to be party of this group! let the games begin :-)

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