Quick and Easy Angel DIY Pallet


Greetings!  Today I am excited to share this adorable homespun angel I created using Clear Scrap Mini Angel Pallet Shape  and a few scraps of burlap and lace and a little paint that I had laying around my craft space. I love creating quick and easy projects during this time of the year!  It helps me with last minute gifts and to still keep my creative juices flowing! 
So lets grab our supplies and get started!
Start by painting your  Clear Scrap Mini Angel Pallet Shape.  
Gather a large piece of lace in the center and adhere to your angel pallet.  Repeat for other wing. 

Cut buralp scrap and gather at the top. 
 Adhere to pallet for your angel's dress. 
Add jute bow to finish your angel! 
I hope you are excited to get creative with your supplies!


Autumn Flowers

Hello, Kelly Parker on the blog today with Clear Scraps Mini Shakers creating this fall-themed floral canvas to hang on the wall. 
I started by painting my canvas in green, let it dry then using teal paint with a bit of water over the green to create a mottled effect on the canvas. You can see that the paint doesn't have to be smooth and completely cover the canvas as it will have several layers of paint on it. 
Here I am applying the teal paint and taking some of it off with a paper towel.
I then used my Mini Shaker Mason Jar and filled it with the Ocean colored sequins to mimic water. I then let the shaker dry and painted the "table" on the bottom. To assemble the piece, I glued down the shaker jar, then painted the flower stems in the background, using hot glue, I added the flowers. Then added the sequins to the background. 
I now have a fall home decor piece hanging on my wall! 
Enjoy and thanks for stopping by! 

GTB Pumpkin Fall Decor

Hi Ya'll,

Tami with you here on the blog today, and it's just a few days before Thanksgiving. A time where hopefully we are all feeling GTB - Grateful, Thankful and Blessed.

Clear Scraps has an XL Wood Quote with just that sentiment on it. It fits perfectly on the Medium Pumpkin DIY Pallet Shape. I thought it would make a nice display on my Thanksgiving buffet table. 

I had just bought some Scribble Sticks and was in the mood for coloring, so I decided to try them out on the wood. They worked great on the Clear Scraps wood products; the effect resembled hand coloring...


I started by rubbing an orange stick diagonally in one direction on the pallet, then I went the other way to create a cross-hatch pattern...


I added in a little yellow to add some color variation...


*note: I decided the wood piece that holds the pallet together needed to be colored orange so it wouldn't stand out. To do that, scribble with orange on scrap paper, then swirl a wet paintbrush in it. Then paint in the wood piece between pallet pieces...


Add some shading around the edges with grey...


I filled in the stem the same way with green and shaded with grey...


I used a barely damp sponge to gently blend the colors. This wakes them up a bit and makes them brighter...


I did the same thing on the XL Wood Quote, using blue and aqua on Grateful, grey, aqua and green on Thankful and green and yellow on Blessed. I also added a little shading around them with the grey. They also got the sponge treatment...


Then just glue on the XL Wood Quote and it's all ready to display!




Clear Scraps: Medium Pumpkin DIY Pallet Shape and Grateful, Thankful, Blessed XL Wood Quote

Other: Ranger: Dina Wakely Media Scribble Sticks and Beacon Adhesives: 3-in-1 Glue

Tools: Sponge

Clear Scraps Heart DIY Medium Pallet--Perfect Family Day

Hi all!  Laura is here with you today, and I'm sharing a home decor project that

is a great way to remember a special family memory!

Clear_Scraps_Heart DIY Medium Pallet_Perfect Family Day(1)

The Clear Scraps Heart DIY Medium Pallet is great for family photos!  It's just the

right size to hold a couple of 3x4" photos matted and there is even a little room to

add an embellishment or two!  The tree paper was a good fit for the colors of my

photos as well as the family theme (thinking family tree....haha!).  I just traced the

heart on my tree patterned paper, cut the shape out, inked the edges with a brown

distress ink, and then glued to the wood pallet.  These pallets come in a lot of great

shapes, and there are also different sizes--even minis!  They are so fun to create with!

Take a peek in the Clear Scraps store, you'll find all the medium pallets HERE.   If

you'd like to check out the mini pallets (these make great Christmas ornaments or

a cute addition to any home decor project) you can find them right HERE.

Along the top of the heart shape, I added a strip of cardstock and then stickers.

Clear_Scraps_Heart DIY Medium Pallet_Perfect Family Day close up 1

I also this "Family" Chipboard Word Title from Clear Scraps.  It's painted with

green acrylic paint, then I used a sponge applicator to dab brown on the bottom

half to give a cool ombre' type effect.  A little tip: I did go back over the center of

the word with a little light dab of green again to blend the colors a bit more to

give it a smoother transition from one color to the next.  I added a little enamel

dot to the "i" just for a fun touch to bring the yellow color in.

Clear_Scraps_Heart DIY Medium Pallet_Perfect Family Day close up 2

I carried that through to the pictures "framing" them with more yellow

enamel dots and some little banners of green and yellow as well.

Thanks so much for stopping by today!  Hope you are inspired to try

crafting your own fun home decor with these medium pallets!


Supplies Used:

Clear Scraps:  Heart Medium DIY Pallet Shape,

Family Chipboard Word Title.

Other:  Echo Park-A Perfect Autumn paper and stickers,

enamel dots, brown and ivory cardstock, Vintage Photo

Distress Ink, green and brown acrylic paint, adhesive, foam tape.

Recipe Book - Take it or Leave it!

Hello friends! Today I am on the blog with Clear Scraps using their chipboard. Below is a picture of the cover of my recipe book that I mentioned in my last post on November 17 if you want to take a look at the history of this book. 


For this project, I used the Mason Jar Chipboard Embellishments and created two pages. For the full jar, I covered it with foodie pape and then used an emery board to smooth out the edges then using ink made it look vintage. 


I then glued it to the front inside cover of my book it looks like the woman is coming out of the jar! I love it.


For the other piece of the Mason Jar chipboard, I glued a red pepper to the back of this and then assembled my page. 
I used some paper with jars on it for the background and had this image of red peppers to glue down the side and then the recipe and jar completed the page. 
Here is the completed page, this is one of the best pasta recipes and my whole family loves it!
Thanks for stopping by and try the pasta!!



Grateful Wall Hanging

Hello Crafty Friends!

Dana here! I'm back today with a Fall home decor project for you! I used Clear Scraps medium wood pallet (Retangle) you can find it Click Here and Clear Scraps Tall Pumpkin shaker Click Here in addition I used leftover scrapbook papers and Julie Nutting doll stamp and also Clear Scraps Fall sequins Click Here


First off I prepped my wooden pallet with a thick coat of Finnibair Gold Texture Crackle paste. Let dry throughly. Or you may use a heat tool to speed up this process. After drying, I took some Staz-on brown timber ink along with some fall leaves stamps. Stamp randomly along the edge and corners of your pallet. After ink has dried, I took some Prima art alchemy Red Amber wax and rubbed over the crackle/stamped areas with my fingers. This adds a nice shimmer of color. Set pallet aside for now.


Next I stamped my doll onto some watercolor paper using black Staz-on Ink.


After it dries, I colored her hair and skin with Prima watercolor confections. Inked the edges of my doll and cut her out. For her clothes, I stamped them using regular black ink onto pieces of scraps of paper, then cut those out. I used a glue stick to adhere the clothes on my doll. For her boots I added some white confetti to the top of her boots to resemble fur.


Take your pumpkin shaker and paint the top piece with orange acrylic paint and green paint for the stem. I traced the bottom piece of my shaker onto a piece of scrap paper with a pencil. Cut it out. Then adhere your paper with craft glue. Glue the next 2 pieces of your shaker in place. I added some Clear Scraps sequins inside my shaker shape. Take your acrylic piece next and make sure you peel off the protective sheet from both the front and back sides before gluing. Then add the last painted piece on top. Be careful not to shake until it dries throughly. I then wrapped a small piece of twine around my pumpkin shaker stem and glued in place.


Now take a 7 x 6 piece of scrap paper and glue to the middle of your pallet. This will be your background piece. Next I added some foam dots to the back of my doll before adhering it onto my pallet. Next I used a variety of leaves, chipboard stickers, flowers, sentiments and rearranged them onto  my pallet shape. Once you are pleased with their placement, you can adhere them down onto your pallet, using Beacon 3 in 1 Glue. I adhered my shaker pumpkin to the bottom right corner.

Finally I added some Clear Scraps sequins and Prima crystals to finish it off. I added a longer piece of twine to the top back of my pallet so it's ready for hanging!




I hope you've enjoyed this project today and you will try making this for yourself. Be sure to visit the Clear Scraps website for more crafting supplies and ideas. Click Here

Until next time, Happy Crafting!

Other Supplies used: Black ink, leaves and Autumn sprigs, Finnibair Gold crackle, and Art Alchemy waxes,  Frank Garcia Amber Moon papers and Prima Marketing crystals.

Quick and Easy Acrylic Home Decor


Greetings!  Today I am excited to share this Acrylic Holiday sign I created!  I have to admit I was inspired by several of the clear acrylic signs my daughter used at her wedding.  I admit to thinking I can do that with Clear Scraps 12 x 12 Acrylic Sheets!  So here is my first take on making an acrylic home decor! These make quick and easy gifts too! You could make one for everyone on your list in one short afternoon! 

Supplies needed

Clear Scraps 12 x 12 Acrylic Sheets

Clear Scraps 4 x 6 Comfort and Joy Stencil



Start by cutting a 5 x 7 piece of acrylic from your Clear Scraps 12 x 12 Acrylic Sheets

Remove protective cover from acrylic and layer Clear Scraps 4 x 6 Comfort and Joy Stencil onto acrylic. 

Apply paint with a pallet knife.  Carefully remove (and clean your stencil.  Let dry.


That is it!   S0 quick and easy to create these clear acrylic signs! Stay tuned, I will share another quick and easy acrylic sign next month!  I hhope you are inspired to create your own home decor! 






Make Life Beautiful

Good Morning all my crafty friends. Dora here, with another step by step tutorial on making a simple 3D card for someone in your life. You do not have to use what I am using, but you can follow along with this post to create your very own. I am using more of the female aspects here and stepping out of my comfort zone. I normally am more deep darker colors, but today I am using more lighter and pink colors. I have created this using the brick wall stencil. I wanted to keep this as easy as possible for any new beginners, trying to get their footing on how to do mixed media/3D art. Below is a close-up of the finished piece. 


For this card - I am using watercolor paper backed onto both - heavy printed cardstock and cardboard from a box I cut down to fit. The first thing I do is apply some clear gesso to the water color paper, then use the stencil to create a textured background. 


Once those are dry, I start adding some embossing powders. These are mixed powders for mixed media, one is black and silver, the other is pink and black. I used an embossing pen to go around some of the brick squares, then I used some stamps to create wording, and finally I just dabbed the embossing pad in random places to create what looks like the wall crumbling.


Now I get to bring out all the elements I am using and this time I have kept it simple. I am using just paper elements and a few flowers/leaves. 


I begin to arrange them where I would like them by taking my focal point (a ladies head/face) and using it as a guide. Then placing the other elements around her to fit her profile. I really believe it came out better than I thought it would and I also think I may start using more of these lighter colors in my work as well! 

*Tip - if you are wanting to make something pop off the page, use some foam tape or cardboard from a box to place under the pieces, so they are elevated!


Thank you so very much for joining me this morning and I hope that you had as much fun as I did creating something beautiful for that special person in your life. I am always inspired by these amazing ladies in our team, so I am too learning new things as I go along with all of you! I hope you have a very blessed day! Below are some close-ups of the finished piece and Be sure to check out ClearScraps and all their new goodies on the website!



Recipe book - Quick Coffee Cake

Hello, today I am on the blog with Clear Scraps using the Jar Mini Pallet Shape for use in my recipe book. 
I have to give you a little history on my recipe book, I started this book a long time ago, like 10 years ago and I keep adding to it with old and new recipes I find. It is a treasured item in my kitchen! I am to the point where I am going to have to start a new recipe book as this is one almost full. I have enjoyed watching my art evolve through this book. Hope you like it too!
For starters, I took the jar pallet apart and then glued it together as one piece. I didn't need the extra bulk in my book. I then let it dry and picked out several coordinating colors of washi tape and the recipe I wanted to use.  Below, you can see the colors of the washi tape I chose and the recipe.  
I then used glue and started adding the washi tape on the jar pallet in an array of colors and patterns. The glue helped to keep the washi tape stuck down on the wood. Here is the jar with all of the washi tape applied. 
Started jar
I then glued my recipe on top of the washi taped jar and glued it to my recipe page. I thought about stamping on the background but in the end, I liked it just the way it was already painted!
Finished r book
Thanks for stopping by!

Fall Medium Wood Gnome

Hi friends and happy Monday.  Jennifer here on the blog to share one of the cute new Wood Gnome Shapes! There are three different styles including the Medium Wood Gnome 1 that I  used for my project! The are so adorable and you can decorate them for just about any season/theme. 


I  began by painting the feet of my gnome with brown acrylic paint. Only one coat is needed as the birch wood accepts the paint nicely; plus using a small amount of paint allows for the wood grain to show through! 


I  used the same color of paint on the beard portion again using a small amount to cover the wood.  


Once my paint was dry, I  added a coat of crackle paint to the surface.  Once that was dry, I  painted the beard with off white acrylic paint.  This helps give it some dimension and not look flat. 


While my beard was drying, I  used my Beacon 3-in-1 Adhesive to cover the body and hat pieces with patterned paper.  I  then trimmed excess paper with scissors and an x-acto knife. A sanding tool will help smooth any edges as well as give them a distressed look. 


I   assembled the Circle Mini Shaker Shape and added die cuts and stickers to decorate.  I  then adhered it to the center of the gnome followed by the two hand pieces. 


I  also used a cute floral cluster to add to the hat brim as well as tied jute string around the top.


Thank you for stopping by the blog today! You can check out all things new with Clear Scraps by clicking HERE!  Have a great day!

Additional products used:  patterned paper, die cuts, stickers, enamel dot: Simple Stories; paint: DecoArt, FolkArt; crackle paint: Martha Stewart Crafts; sequins: Recollections; border punch: EK Success; adhesive: Beacon, Thermoweb; misc: jute, sanding tool, x-acto knife

Clear Scraps DIY Mason Jar Pallet--Jar of Blessings

Hi everybody!!  Laura joining you all today with a sweet little fall home decor project!

Clear_Scraps_DIY Mason Jar Pallet_Jar of Blessings

This was created using the Clear Scraps Mason Jar Medium DIY Pallet Shape.

To create the base on the pallet, I painted the top of the jar gray and used some

black ink to distress once the paint was dry.  Then I traced the top and bottom of

the jar on the leaf patterned paper, cut it out, inked it, then glued to the pallet.

The center was fun, I did end up covering most of it up, but it's painted and stenciled.

Clear_Scraps_DIY Mason Jar Pallet_Jar of Blessing close up 1

I started out with the brown paint, and then set aside to dry.  Once it was

ready, I placed the Clear Scraps 6" Chevron Stencil centered in the middle.

Clear_Scraps_DIY Mason Jar Pallet_Jar of Blessings close up 2

I used a sponge applicator to dab on orange paint for a nice pop of color.

Now that the base was set, it was time to paint the Clear Scraps Blessed

Chipboard Word Title with the matching orange paint, then set aside to

dry while I started on the NEW Mini Shaker Maple Leaf.  The frame was painted 

with green, then dabbed with some brown.  I traced it onto some patterned paper,

cut out and glued to the solid back piece, then glued the outline layers on to

build the shaker up to hold the sequins.  Next thing was to add the sequins,

then glue down the acrylic layer.  I thought I'd show a picture of the protective

plastic that is on BOTH sides of the acrylic so it doesn't get scratched or all

fingerprint filled.  I carefully peel off the back, glue it down, THEN I peel off

the other side like you can see in the picture here:

Clear_Scraps_DIY Mason Jar Pallet_Jar of Blessings close up 3

Now it is nice and fingerprint/scratch free and I can glue down the final layer of the

 frame I painted green/brown.  Easy but such a great little feature on these shakers!

Then I just put it all together and added a few finishing touches with some paper

scraps, twine, and enamel dots. 

Thanks for stopping by today!  Stop back soon!


Supplies Used:

Clear Scraps:  Mason Jar Medium DIY Pallet Shape

6" Chevron Stencil, Blessed Chipboard Word Title

Mini Shaker Maple Leaf Shaker

Other:  Echo Park-A Perfect Autumn paper, twine,

enamel dots, acrylic paint--green, gray, brown, orange,

Distress Ink--Black Soot, Vintage Photo, sequins, adhesive.

Thanks Card with Twigs and Leaves Stencil

Hi, Tami here on the blog today with a project and a technique to share with you.

 Thanksgiving is the perfect time to make and send Thank You cards to the special people in your lives or people that have touched your life in special ways.

A handmade card adds a little something extra to the thoughts you include inside. This card is simple to make and can be made assembly line style...


I wanted the "THANKS" to stand out, but still have the stenciled pattern on it, so I used Izink with the Capital ABC's Stencil to add it to the center of my card fronts...


You need to work one letter at a time, and let it dry before moving on to the next one. The Izink dries quickly, but this would be a good time to work assembly line style if you need multiples, just add each letter to each card front. You can see where to put the next letter as it's easy to line up through the see-thru stencil...

Once the letters have all been added, it's time to stencil. Use a bit of removable adhesive to adhere the card front to your work surface, then tape down the Twigs and Leaves Stencil. Start with the red pigment ink, and apply it diagonally, starting at the left of the card...


Do the same with the orange and olive inks, overlapping the previous color to blend them a bit...


Remove the stencil and let the inks dry, or speed up dry time with a heat tool. I had saved the "frame" that comes around the Clear Scraps Chipboard Embellishments from the Maple Branches I used on my post for November 7. I Inked it with the same colors I stenciled with...


I glued the frame around my card front...


I decided the letters needed a little more definition, so I outlined them with a brown pen and added stitching around the edges of the frame...


A waxed twine bow was the finishing touch (and it covers up the staple mark on the chipboard frame)...



Clear Scraps: Twigs and Leaves Stencil, Capital ABC's Stencil and "trash" frame from around a chipboard embellishment

Other: Izink: Jasmine, Clear Snap: ColorBox Pigment Ink: Taos Petal Point and Stylus & Tips, Kraft Cardstock, Beacon Adhesives: 3-in-1 Glue, Brown Fine Point Sharpie and Vintage Waxed Twine

Tools: Trimmer, Scissors, Removable Adhesive and Painters Tape

Merry Christmas Acrylic Tag by Steph

Hi everyone, Steph Ackerman here today with a Merry Christmas Acrylic Tag.  Christmas is not too far off and this tag would be amazing on a large gift.


I selected one of the tags from the Acrylic Tag Album.  This tag is one of 4 different tags that is included in the Tag Album.  You can use the tags for one large project or separate and use them for individual projects.

I placed the tag on a panel of Rinea Emerald/Gold Glossy Foiled Paper and cut the foil to fit the tag.  Once cut, I adhered it it.  Then, tearing a strip of Rinea Ruby Starstruck Foiled Paper, I placed it in an embossing folder.


I adhered the torn paper  to the left side of the tag as I wanted both the foils to be prominent on the tag. 
Creating a bow from Rinea Gold/Gold Glossy Foiled Paper, I adhered it to the tag using a pearl brad.
Since the foiled paper holds its shape, you can form it as you like.


A large Merry Christmas phrase was stamped with black ink on white cardstock and die cut.  It was then matted with a larger die cut scalloped panel, also in Gold/Gold Glossy Foiled Paper.


Poinsettias were added to the tag with brads.   It was easy to punch holes in the acrylic for the brads.


To finish, I added some coordinating gold dew drops around the phrase.

Thanks for stopping by.


Other Supplies:  Rinea Foiled Paper; Prima Poinsettias; Robin's Nest Dew Drops; Joy Clair Stamp


Hello Fall Home Decor Project

Hello Crafty Friends!

Dana here with a Fall Home Decor Project to display on your door or wall. I love decorating my home with seasonal decorations. Clear scraps has so many products to choose from. Click Here and see what's new.

For this project I am using the Hello Fall 4x6 stencil Click Here

For the wooden base I'm using Clear Scraps Jumbo Wooden Rounded Tag shape Click Here

I also chose one of the Clear Scraps chipboard trees Click Here


First of all I painted my Jumbo Wooden tag using Folk Art Chalk paint "sheepskin" cover the front surface and sides of tag. Let dry.


I also painted my chipboard bare tree with brown acrylic paint. Let dry.


Next I took my Hello Fall stencil and using some masking tape, I adhered my stencil towards the top of my wooden tag piece. Then using my Distress Inks and a ink dabber, I applied each color randomly over my stencil using a light circular motion. Make sure your stencil is secured firmly to your wood surface to prevent it from moving. Carefully lift your stencil off and then touch up any areas where the ink may show using your sheepskin chalk paint. Let dry.

Now I applied some Finnibair Rust paste to the bottom edge of my tag, using a stiff old paintbrush. Using a pouncing motion, I applied each layer of color till I achieved the look I desired. I also applied some green acrylic paint over the layer of rust paste, in scattered areas.


After the paste dries, I took some Beacon 3 in 1 Glue to adhere my chipboard tree to the bottom of my tag. 

Then I took a Gemini die and using my diecutting machine, cut out a variety of different colored leaves from scrap papers. I then glued my leaves on some of the bare tree branches, on the ground and some below my tree to resemble them falling.


To finish off my tag, I scattered a few glittered leaves onto the surface, some with foam dots to add some dimension. Also adhered a chipboard sentiment. 

Last I took my jude cord (included in your package) thread it through the hole in the top of your tag and tied into a knot. Hot glued a silk flower on top. 



I hope this project has inspired you! This tag will look great hanging on your door and is sure to be a seasonal fall decor piece you can use for many years to come. 

Thank you for visiting the Clear Scraps TypePad blog! Until next time, happy crafting!

Other Supplies used: Beacon 3 in 1 Glue, Finnibair Rust paste, Distress inks: orange marmalade, mustard seed and rusty hinge. Gemini Papercraft diecut leaves, Folk Art Sheepskin acrylic paint.


Thankful DIY Mason Jar Pallet


Greetings!   Today I am excited to share this seasonal project with you!  This year it may be difficult but we all need to remember to be thankful! And I created this project as a gentle reminder to myself! 
To recreate this project you will need:
Paint - White, Rust red, Crackle Medium, Gold Paint Pen, Jute, Flower Sprigs, Paper Flower
Start by painting your Clear Scraps Mason Jar Medium DIY Pallet Shape with your base paint color.  I choose a reddish brown color.  Let dry. 


Apply your crackle medium onto your pallet.   Let dry. 

Once your pallet is dry apply white paint onto your pallet.  I have found that a thick layer of paint works best! 

Once you pain is dry, layer your Clear Scraps 4 x 6 Thank You Stencil  onto pallet.  Using pencil trace "thanks" onto pallet. 

Fill in traced "thanks" with gold paint pen. 

Add your floral sprigs and a jute bow and paper flower to finish! 

I hope you are inspired to get created with your Clear Scraps Supplies! 


Father Time/Mechanical Santa

Good morning all my fellow artist and mixed media lovers.... This is Dora and today we are going to make something super cool and unique. I just love Christmas!! Though, I also love "time", "mechanical", and "grunge"!! So why not put them all together? Are you ready to dive in and get started? Let's go...

In this piece I am using the Wood Deco, Clock Chipboard, Edison Light Bulb Chipboard, and lots of metal embellishments. Here is a photo of the finished pieced so you can see how it turned out. If you are inspired, grab some materials, and have some fun with me.


So this first step is a little different than normal. I already had the wooden piece covered in crackle medium, as I was going to use it for something else, then of course changed my mind at the last minute. Set it to the side, thought about it, and now here we are making use of it once more. 


Now I start to gather up all the things I want to add onto my panel. Including gears, wire, ornament hangers, and odds n ends. I use my sprays, paints, waxes, and texture paste to color, coat and give that grungy feel.


This is the easiest step - I just take my black ink and distress all the sides of my focal point papers.


Here I am using my own mixture of alcohol ink sprays for the background. You can use any color that you like. I have chosen - orange, green, brown, copper, and blue. 


Once the background is fully dry (I use my heat tool to speed things up a bit), start laying out how you would like to see it on your panel. Take a photo if you feel like you may forget. I personally like going off the whim, so I lay it out and then put it back where I feel it looks good. 


Once everything adhered to the panel, making sure it is dry, I use some of my bright waxes, Teal and Cream, to go over the tops of some of the embellishments. This will allow them to stand out and be seen. You don't want them to be hidden away - you want them to be brightened up a bit. 


And there you have it. I hope you enjoyed this little tutorial on my take of Father Time/Mechanical Santa. I say that because we all have our own perception of who these people are. I see Father Time in a mechanical sense. I see Santa as a jolly guy who helps out the kids on Christmas..... So I have just combined them together as one person!! I feel it has come out rather nice and unique. Below you will find the finished panel and close up photos of all the angels. 

Be sure to check out ClearScraps and all their new goodies on the website!

As always, see you next time!!! Be bless, think outside the box, and color outside the lines!!! All the best artists do!! Happy Creating!!




Clear Scraps Medium Wood Gnome--No Place Like Gnome

Hi there everyone!  Laura is here with you today sharing a home decor project

with one of Clear Scraps fun new goodies, their Medium Wood Gnome!

Clear_Scraps_Medium Gnome_No Place Like Gnome(1)

How cute is this guy??!!  These are so much fun to decorate!  The raw wood can be

painted, inked, sprayed, covered with paper, whatever you'd like to do to make

this little cutie your own!  On this one I used a combo of different things.  Most of

him is painted.  The beard you can see I used 2 colors to give it a lot more depth

and dimension.  I also inked around the edges of all of the pieces, which you

don't have to do, but I like the "woodsy" feel it give using the brown ink to create

shadows and layers of color.  I did also use some paper and I'm sure you can see!

Clear_Scraps_Medium Gnome_No Place Like Gnome close up 2

The best part is that there is a separate piece for the hat and the beard, so that

way if you want to trace around it and cut out of paper, it's super easy to do!

I did add a little embellishment to the hat, adding a band and also some decoration.

It's always fun to add a little bit of extra detail, and the fussy cut leaves, button and

twine are a perfect addition.  The other embellishment that I added on to this project,

Clear_Scraps_Medium Gnome_No Place Like Gnome close up 1

The word "Home" is one of the Clear Scraps Chipboard Word Titles.  They come

as raw chipboard that you paint, ink, etc.  Here I painted it with green acrylic

paint and then dabbed on a little bit of brown paint to fit with the fall woods

theme.  I turned it into a sign for him to hold by gluing the word on a scrap of

brown cardstock, and then I added more fussy cut leaves on the sign.  He just looks

like an adorable little guy that lives in the forest, doesn't he?


Thanks so much for stopping by today, stop back again soon!


Supplies Used:

Clear Scraps: 

Medium Wood Gnome, Home Chipboard Word Title


Echo Park--A Perfect Autumn papers, enamel dots, twine,

button, brown cardstock, orange, brown, green, pink and

cream acrylic paint, Vintage Photo distress ink.

Grateful Deco Wood Decor

Happy Fall Ya'll!

Tami with you today and trying to get in the mood for fall. We finally are having more cool days in Texas and it's easier to think about fall decor when you can slip into a sweater when you go for a walk. We don't get many of the gorgeous fall colors that some other areas get. I do have a pear tree out front that the leaves change colors on. But every year, a day or two after they change, the wind knocks them all off the tree! 

If I can't get the autumn colors in the nature around me, I guess I can make some for myself. And that is exactly what I did when I made this project. You could use it as part of your thanksgiving decor, but it is more of a fall project than a thanksgiving project...


I started with a Deco Wood Shape these come in a pack of 3, so you will have 2 to leftover, for gifts or other seasonal decor.

I painted it with a base of darker brown slightly mixed with tan...


Then I added another layer of paint, this time using Ivory and Tan; i spritzed the surface lightly to help the paint apply in a thin coat...


After the paint dried, I lightly sanded the piece, sanding a little more around the edges...


Next, it was time to prepare the leaves. I used 2 of the Maple Branch Chipboard Embellishments. I wanted to create the wonderful color variations that real leaves have, so after perusing my studio, I decided on my Color Bursts. Color Bursts are powders that are activated by water.

First, puff the powder in tiny scattered amounts on all the leaves. I used 3 colors...


Then the fun part! Spritz on a little water and watch the magic happen. The Color Bursts work great on Clear Scraps Chipboard...


I wanted a little more pop of yellow on the leaves, so I added small amounts of powder to them and dabbed them with my finger while the leaves were still damp. Set the leaves aside to dry...


Then print out the Grateful definition, or whatever fall word or phrase you want to use...


Cut out your sentiment and ink the top and bottom edges with brown ink, then adhere it at a slight angle to the wood shape...


Use a file to remove excess paper from around the edges...


Then ink the side edges...


When the leaves on the chipboard have dried, paint the branches brown, and set aside to dry...


When the chipboard pieces are dry, adhere to the top right and bottom left of the wood shape using 3D Dots...


*NOTE: I'll be using the chipboard frame from the Maple Branch Chipboard Embellishment that is usually discarded on a card for my November 14 post.


Clear Scraps: Deco Wood Shape and Maple Branch Chipboard Embellishments

Other: TCW: Ken Oliver Color Bursts: Calypso Pack and Spray Bottle, Clear Snap: ColorBox Chalk Ink and Stylus & Tips, Beacon Adhesives: 3-in-1 Glue, Brown, Tan and Ivory Acrylic Paint and 3D Dots

Tools: Trimmer, Sandpaper and Paintbrush

Gratitude Tall Pumpkin Acrylic Album

Hello Clear Scraps friends! It's Jennifer here to share a mini album I  created using the Acrylic 5x7 Regular Album!  When I  first discovered Clear Scraps, I  fell in love with the acrylic albums and still look forward to creating with them!  Because its November, I  wanted to create a gratitude journal and I'm going to show you my techniques!  


I  used the new Tall Pumpkin Mini Shaker Shape as the focal point of my cover!  The Shakers are very versatile as they can also be used on layouts, cards, or home decor projects!  They are the perfect size! I  used Gold Metallic Gilding Polish on the top chipboard frame of the shaker.  You apply in a circular pattern and allow to dry. 


I  adhered patterned paper to the chipboard base of my shaker using Beacon 3-in-1 Adhesive. I  then cut away excess paper with scissors followed by using an x-acto knife and sanding tool to smooth edges. 


Next, I  adhered the two middle chipboard frames to the base layer (again using my Beacon adhesive).


I  added some chunky gold sequins the center of my shaker as well as popped up a die cut butterfly.  I  then adhered the acrylic overlay.


Last, I  adhered my top chipboard frame and added a sentiment to the top.  Using a solvent based adhesive to adhere the Shaker works best especially when working with acrylic. 


For the pages of my album, I  added droplets of three coordinating colors of alcohol inks followed by using a cotton applicator to blend.  I  wanted the colors to look "splotchy" and not uniform.


The alcohol ink dries quickly so I  then could move on to decorating my album.  I  always try to use the inside of the front cover for journaling.  


Using my Gold Metallic Gilding Polish, I  colored the Bare Tree Chipboard Embellishment Shape  to my next page. I  then stamped leaves onto patterned paper and cut out to place around the tree.  


I  left most of this page "bare" without covering with any paper.  


For my next page, I  did add a 4.5 x 6.5 piece of patterned paper.  I  then adhered the Circle Dots Chipboard Embellishment Shape (which again I  used the Gold Metallic Gilding Polish).  I  then added die cuts and a metal sentiment tied on with bakers twine. 


My last two pages, I  set up for journaling using patterned papers and additional die cuts.  


Thank you for stopping by the blog today! I  hope you are inspired to create your own gratitude journal using Clear Scraps! Have a great day!

Additional products used:  patterned paper, die cuts: Prima; metal charms, metal clip, ink, alcohol ink: Ranger; bakers twine: Teresa Collins Designs; stamps: American Crafts, Citrus Twist Kits; rhinestones: Taylored Expressions; adhesive: Beacon, Tombow, Thermoweb; sequins: Recollections; paper flowers: Mon Ami Gabi; misc: ribbon, chrome book rings. 



Winter Mittens Card by Steph

Hi everyone, Steph Ackerman here today sharing a Winter Mittens card using the Mittens Chipboard Embellishments.  The holidays are just around the corner.  Have your started your holiday cards yet?


Cutting a snowy themed pattern paper, I matted it with navy cardstock.  Next, I wrapped the panel with ribbon before adding the panel to the card base.   The mittens were colored using a dark blue ink pad;  alternatively, I could have  painted the mittens, but the ink was at hand so I went with it.  I also used puff paint to create the faux fur. 


Once the puff paint dried, I used the Stripes Layering Stancil to give the mittens a design, using red ink to create the stripes.


The mittens were added to the card with foam adhesives for dimension.  Winter Wishes and Snowman Kisses from Joy Clair's Snowy Greetings stamp set were stamped on  scraps of the pattern paper and then matted with scraps of navy cardstock before being added atop the mittens.


To finish, I added some Robin's Nest Dew Drops around the card.  I also added several to the stamped phrases.


Thanks for stopping by.


Other Supplies:  Joy Clair Stamps; Imagine Crafts Ink; Robin's Nest Dew Drops; Ribbon; Puff Paint